Thursday, May 9, 2013

Swimming Pool Liner Replacement!

Last fall, after winterizing the pool and covering it up, we
knew this would be the year we would have to replace the liner!
Which was fine with me, because I've been ready for a change in my
pool scenery for a few years now. However, since pool liners aren't
necessarily cheap, I did agree to wait until we really needed one...
Finally, my wish came true last year when we noticed tiny pin-holes forming
on the top edge of the liner where it gets the most sun. When I began making
calls to contractors about a replacement, they all asked how old our existing
liner is. And, when I told them twelve years, all of them were quite impressed!
No one believed we got 12 years out of a 20mil pool liner. But it's true! Of
course, credit goes to my personal pool-boy because it is due to his expert
ability to manage water chemistry that's kept our liner healthy. Without
proper chemistry, pool liners deteriorate more quickly. But as you can
see, our liner was still in great shape where the sun didn't beat it down!
The whole liner pool thing was new to me... I mean, after the Captain
retired and relocated from Germany to Kansas when I was fourteen, he
and my mom sunk a pool in our backyard. But it was all concrete... See?
Also, pools in California don't have liners either. So when we moved
here and immediately realized we wouldn't survive North Carolina
summers without one and, we were told this is how it is done in this
area of the country, I was quite skeptical. Sure, you'll never stub your
toes or skin your chin on the bottom of the pool like my brother and I
seemed to do constantly playing in our Kansas pool... However, looking
at it, a liner pool seemed a bit like an above-ground pool you just buried!
But it's not. And, there are lots of advantages to this kind of pool... First, there
is the vermiculite bottom, which feels like cork and is very comfortable to walk
on and, the matter of not having to make repairs after a hard freeze like you may
have to do with an all-concrete pool. And, probably best of all, you get to change
the look of your swimming pool when the time finally comes to replace the liner!
Which is exactly what happened today!
We weren't given a choice for the thickness of the liner when we built the pool, but
this time I chose a 28 mil to help slow down fading and sun deterioration. Now,
some contractors tried to talk me out of the thicker liner, saying it was both more
expensive and more difficult to install. However, only I say how I spend my money
and anyone that tells me I'm making their job harder isn't the guy I want in my pool!
It took a while, but I finally found the perfect contractor for me. He was more
expensive than all the other guys. But like most things, you get what you pay for!
Another decision that had to be made was whether or not to install wall foam under
the new liner. Some contractors said they didn't recommend it, telling me it could
hold water against the steel walls of our pool and promote rust and, another one
told me wall foam can slip over time, causing wrinkles on the walls. However,
after discussing it with the contractor I eventually hired, I learned that wall foam
has improved over the years and the newer material doesn't hold water and, if
installed correctly, it can't slide down the walls at all. Installing wall foam adds
a couple of hundred dollars to the cost of the liner replacement; however, it also
provides a cushion and protective barrier between the steel walls and vinyl liner...
So after weighing all the pros and cons, I went with the wall foam!
By the way, after the old liner came out our contractor complimented us on our
choice of pool builders because he said it's the most even and well constructed
pool he's seen in a long time. Also, the condition of the floor and walls was great!
There were just a few spots on the floor in the shallow end he wanted
to smooth to make it perfect. We all know what a big fan of perfect I am!
Here comes the new liner!
As soon as I saw the samples I knew exactly which liner I wanted!
Of course, when I called to tell my guy which liner I chose, he immediately told
me that I picked the one that would cost him $300 over the price he quoted...
Then, he asked me if I wanted to make another selection...
And, I told him I'd rather just give him the $300 to have my first choice!
Because the Destination Series, Monterrey was definitely the liner for me!
I do know it's named for the Monterrey in Mexico and not my Monterey...
But it's still the prettiest 28 mil replacement swimming pool liner available! I
especially love the fact that there will be color on the side of the walls, which we
didn't have before. Also, the mosaic pattern will add lots of sparkle to the water!
What's a few extra hundred dollars for sparkle? Besides, I'm going to be
married to it for another twelve years, so I may as well have what I like!
Also included in the price to replace the liner was all new fittings around the
returns, skimmer box and auto-pool cleaner connection. Oh, and a new drain!
After nearly two weeks of rain, today was a perfect day to install a pool liner!
In fact, standing here taking these photos at high-noon, it was 82 degrees...
Which made me wish the pool was filled and I didn't have to go back to work!
All in all... Today was a good day!
The installation went flawlessly!
And, the fill is happening! The only thing left was to rescue a little mouse
that wasn't paying attention to where he was going and fell into the pool!
Of course, you know me. So...
I carried him into the solarium to introduce him to Leo!
Silly mouse!
Curious cat!
Adorable pair!
A huge thank you to Mickey Ernhardt and his crew for
his expertise and their care in restoring our swimming pool!


  1. This was absolutely fascinating!! I loved reading it -- and so did my hubby! I've never heard of a pool liner before. We had a pool in San Antonio and it was the cement kind with the tiles at the top that always had to be cleaned.

  2. You're RIGHT! Today WAS a good day!

  3. Love the new pool line and all the study that went behind it. Great for my brain. LOL
    Love the cute mouse! Did you give him some cheese?

  4. I learned a lot from this post..thank you! I took have a cat named Leo...he would have LOVED to look at Mr. Mouse...great post...enjoyed.

  5. I love the trim on the liner-you did good. You are so right that you should get
    what you want, especially on long-
    term purchases. Leo look's like he is really "studying" the mouse-ha ha.

    Happy Mother's Day early and I hope you and Terry have a great weekend.

  6. That has to be the cutest mouse I've ever seen!

  7. If that mouse would have been in a cup at my house my cat would have tried to take that lid off! LOL
    He was a cute mouse too. And Leo as handsome as ever.

  8. Way to describe the replacement of a pool liner! If people think it can be done themselves, they are so mistaken! Whenever replacing or repairing any component of a swimming pool, it's best to hire professionals to do the work. Good for you!

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    Loved it...!! Thank you.


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