Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scrabble Tile Cookies

When a dear friend at work asked if I would create cookies for a party
she's having this week, I couldn't wait to hear what she had in mind!
Little did I know that her idea would inspire such feelings of jealousy!
You see I love to play Scrabble...
But no one will play with me. Army dad thinks it's boring. He
prefers to play Risk, which I find rather pointless; therefore,
there's been this board game stalemate between us for 28 years!
I haven't played since I took my Scrabble set to German class during
my senior year of high school... Which feels like a billion years ago!
So when my friend Kathy said she was hosting a scrabble party
and wanted cookies to match the theme, I almost invited myself!
But I didn't. Instead, I spent a little extra time arranging her
cookies until I scored the highest number of points that I could!
Because I'm a hard-up Scrabble nerd like that!


  1. Love your scrabble cookies and I love to play scrabble! They are sure to enjoy them and have loads of fun playing. I resorted to playing scrabble online a few years ago. It's not as fun as playing with a human. If we lived closer I would play scrabble with you. Great words you came up with for that top score.

  2. I love scrabble. I wish we lived closer so we could have a game night. with cookies. of course!

  3. OMG, I LOVE SCRABBLE SO MUCH! Right after Monopoly (I mean, I just want to play with the money), Scrabble is my #1 favorite. Do other board games exist?

    I love your cookies. I want to make some now.

  4. My all time favorite game is Scrabble! I used to play it with my dad all the time! And my hubby and my daughter won't play with me so I'm at a stalemate, too. LOVE the cookies!

  5. Such a cute idea, Janet!!! You have such a steady hand :)

    Can't wait to see you on Friday!!! What time are you arriving? My flight gets in at 1:15. xo


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