Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A couple of cookie projects!

I still cannot get over how busy April was around
here... Or how crazy May has already been!
Around the beginning of April, we decided to slowly begin the long overdue
remodel of the bathroom the boys once used. We dilly-dallied around, making
choices based upon what we could find at surplus stores and our local Habitat
for Humanity Re-store. We have remodeled every inch of this house, always
disregarding the possibility that things could be found for less than top dollar...
So this time, I thought I'd make it more interesting and a little more fun
by finding ways to save as much money as I could. And, I did surprisingly
well! I found a whirlpool bathtub that retails for $1,700 for only $425 at
a building supply surplus outlet and, a beautiful Kohler wall mounted
sink at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store for only $45. When I looked
it up, I saw that the faucet retails for $425 and the sink lists for $725!
But while I was out spending all my free time bargain shopping and
dreaming about my new spa bathroom, there were forces at work that
quickly changed my focus from finding things as they came along to
scrambling to find everything within 5 minutes! First, a dear friend
asked if I would create 60 number two cookies for her adorable son's
second birthday. You already know I can't resist little people. Or parties!
So I dropped shopping for the bathroom redo and pulled out my rolling
pin! Then, two days after the walls came down in the bathroom, my mom
and dad called to say they would be visiting about a month sooner than we
expected. Which instantly meant we had less than 3 weeks to pull together
a complete remodel of a full bathroom! When I explained my time-table to
the electrician I hired, he actually told my husband there was no way anyone
could complete a full bathroom remodel in three weeks! The glass guy told us
the same thing and, so did the marble guy! I began to worry... But guess what?
My guy got it done! There was only moments to spare... But it's done!
My parents pulled into our driveway at 3:04PM on Friday April 26th...
Which was exactly 12 minutes after the glass guy pulled out of our
driveway after installing the custom tub/shower screen I designed!
We had a wonderful visit with my mom and dad... Especially since
all four of us weren't sharing the master bathroom! But during our
visit, I received an e-mail from a friend asking if I would create some
save-the-date cookies for an announcement scheduled to be made to
her whole family on Mother's Day! Of course I said I would. Mostly
because my mom is my biggest fan and, she has always wanted to see
how I make cookies. We even whipped up some cupcakes for my dad! By
the way, have you tried Cool Whip frosting yet? If not, you really should!
My favorite is the cream cheese... It's so good!
My dad loved the cupcakes! And, my mom enjoyed making cookies with me!
Sadly, mom didn't get to see me decorate them because
she and my dad left to go back home just before Mother's Day!
But we have a standing date to decorate cookies
together the next time my mom is here. I can't wait!
I have to tell you... These weren't your usual save-the-date cookies!
You see, while I assumed my friend wanted these cookies for
an engagement party she was throwing for her brother... She
and her husband actually used them to announce the due date for
their first baby! At a party they hosted on Mother's Day, no less!
Can you imagine a better announcement on Mother's Day?
The new mommy asked for a calendar cookie and said I must only
use white, gray and yellow because they are her nursery colors!
I delivered these cookies just under the wire! I rushed home
from work on Friday night, printed off these tags my mom and
I designed together and rushed the cookies to my friend's mom
who agreed to meet me at the movie theater where Army Dad
and I had a date to see Gatsby! And, by the way... Save yourself
the money and wait for the DVD. I was very disappointed with
all the computer-generated scenery in the film. Everything was
so obviously flat/fake that it became very annoying, very quickly!
The show we saw Sunday made up for it though because we spent my
Mother's Day with Carol Burnett in Durham and, she was wonderful!
Added to the bathroom and cookie projects was the replacement of
the pool liner and, tomorrow... While you're reading this, I'll be on
a flight bound for Orlando. You see, Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen,
(yes, that Jaden!!) invited me to attend her Food Blog Forum, hosted
again this year by Disney! And, since my brother lives in Cape Coral,
Army Dad and I are extending the trip to include a long overdue visit!
I'm so looking forward to a slow June! Oh! Before I let you go, I have
to tell you about a new surprise I found in the garden this evening!
You know those baby birds I discovered in the rose bush by the pool on Saturday?
They opened their eyes today! Also, while I could only
see two babies the other day... A third was revealed tonight!
Of course their dad still wasn't too happy with my snooping!
I just hope they haven't flown away by the time I get back from Florida!


  1. Enjoy your trip, Janet; you've certainly earned a vacation! We have a pair of cardinals that come to our feeder, as well as seven pair of blue jays! They are supposed to be a sign of good luck.

  2. Wow you and your husband deserve a break after all that work. Enjoy your time in Florida and find a little time to RELAX! You do so much for others that it's time for you to take a little time for yourself. Everything looks so beautiful around your home. It only takes a few weeks for baby birds to fly the nest so hopefully they will be there to greet you when you return home.


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