Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Year's Update, and 4 days of Me-time!

Welcome to the weekend, kitties!

I have four days of all-me-all-the-time to look forward to and I am, e-x-c-i-t-e-d!  

But first, as you can see from the above photo I just took, operation shared-space between Leo and Bing is still on track. I woke up this morning to Bingee in his usual spot, planted firmly in the small of my back and to Leo snuggled up on the ottoman in the sweater I wore to work yesterday. Now I'm busy stripping the bed, being careful not to disturb Bing of course... While Leo plays peek-a-boo with me from the pile of pillows on the chair. So cute! 

So all is well. Although... I must tell you... The Ranger was none to pleased to learn about this piece of news from home. His reaction surprised me a little because he's always loved cats... Having said that though, he is fiercely protective of his Bing  - So at one point, a threat to get a place of his own and take Bing with him was mentioned. Hum... Looks like I'll have a little more work to do when he gets home!

Okay! It's day thirteen... How's your New Year coming along? Aside from beginning each new year getting older with a birthday, and the fact that our Ranger is deployed, I'm doing better than I anticipated. Mostly, because we've heard from him! You know me... No contact and I'm deep in a hole.

Anyway... You'll remember from this post I wrote shortly before the New Year that I have recommitted myself to CLEAN - And, so far, despite indulging a bit on my birthday Monday things are going quite well! I'm feeling a little lighter and MUCH brighter, which is the first thing you notice with CLEAN - Love it!

I'm still enjoying Trop50 too! It helps me get my day started right, and I especially look forward to taking my CLEAN supplements with it. 

So that's where I'm at in terms of my new beginning for 2012!

Also today, as soon as I get my bed linens into the washer, I'm headed to an orientation for a series of local hot yoga classes I am excited to begin this Monday. I love yoga but have been wanting to try hot yoga since my friend Teresa raved about her experiences with it.  

After my hot yoga orientation I'm off to have an hour-long facial. Last year, I rediscovered Living Social and Groupon in a big way, buying up just about every deal offered for pedicures, facials, and fitness bootcamps in my area. Now I have a file folder full of deals I need to hop on before they expire... So first up today after hot yoga orientation is a facial and then a pedicure. I cannot think of a nicer way to kick off a four-day weekend of me-time!

How about you? What are your plans for the weekend, and where are you in your New Year?


  1. WOW~zee Girl!
    Do you know how much I would LOVE to be there with you and the kitties to spend some days doing hot yoga and getting pedi's and facials and going to Bootcamp!!!
    My kind of weekend!
    Can't wait to hear how you like the hot yoga!
    If you like to sweat like I're gonna LOVE it!!!
    Take a big jug of h20!
    I like my water during hot yoga to have ice in it.
    Once I even took a piece of ice out of my water bottle during savasanah and put it on the back of my neck.
    ENJOY your spa days sweet girl!
    YOU inspire!!!!!!!
    CLEAN should totally crown you QUEEN of and Gwyneth that is~
    Let me know how you like the hot yoga!
    Snuggles to the kitties!

  2. Hopefully the Ranger will come around to Bing having a permanent house guest! Good to hear that you are doing certainly have gotten year off to a wonderful start. Let us know how you liked the hot yoga.

    P.S. Love the etchings of Paris and Rome on you wall. Did you or someone you know do them?


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