Saturday, January 7, 2012

Huge progress being made today on our Adjustment!

A couple of days ago I told you about some adjustments being made around
here to integrate another cat into our household with Bing. Well, while Bing
and I dug into my birthday package from mom and dad last night, Leo was
still being booed and hissed at any time he dared to come into the room!
By the way... How much do we love presents? Especially presents from the people
who know and love you best. For me, those people are my wonderful parents! Oh,
and also, yesterday I did a little to-me-from-me shopping on-line with our friends at
Williams-Sonoma after I received an e-mail telling me about this Bistro line. I had
to have almost every piece in the collection! And now with this gift card from mom
and dad, I'll be able to do a little more damage! If you like the Bistro line too, you
better hurry because one of the items is already on back order... But I got mine!
Thank you, Mom and Dad!
So where was I? Oh, yes... The integration of Bing and Leo into the same space! Well
this morning, after they each finished their Fancy Feast treat I found Leo out here
in the solarium. When I looked around for Bing, I was surprised to find him...
Right here in the same room!
I didn't want to wander away too far... Just in case someone needed to
be rescued... So I busied myself in the kitchen by unpacking and packing
up the Hickory Farms order I placed to ship to the Ranger. I must have
gotten caught up in what I was doing because without a peep, both Leo
and Bing left the solarium without my seeing them. I searched the entire
downstairs but couldn't find them. Surely they couldn't both be upstairs!
But that's exactly where I found them. And, together... In our bed!
I don't know how it happened, but Leo managed to win Bing's usual spot too!
Maybe Bing's deferring to Leo because he knows Leo's still nursing tender
paws after being declawed. Or maybe our sweet Bing is just that sweet!
Either way... I'm so grateful and relieved by
this obvious display of mutual acceptance!
Now I know I can leave the house to spend my Birthday money
without worrying about the fur flying back here at home!


  1. How absolutely wonderful! What a joyful sight to jump onto your site just now & see those 2 sweeties like this!! When I read the other day about "adjustments",I had a feeling by the look on their faces it wouldn't be too long before they were best buds. What a beautiful beginning to this new chapter(s) of your life as Bing & Leo's Mom. I'm thrilled to have found your site by reading the Coupon Goddess - you enrich my life daily by sharing yours! Thanks ever so much!!

  2. We have introduced a grown rescued cat to two dogs and most recently a newborn kitten to the whole shebang! Every instance is different! I'm so glad Bing is accepting Leo!
    I agree that cats are wonderful companions!

  3. AWWWWWW!!! Love the kitties!! (and your fluffy bed pictures are making me sleepy) <3

    I'm a fairly new reader and not sure how I even found your blog....but, you had me at WIlliam-Sonoma and B├ęchamel sauce!! XOXO

  4. I am so glad that Bing & Leo have become friends! They sure look comfy on that beautiful bed of yours! I love the monograms on the elegant.

    I could spend a whole day in a Williams-Sonoma store and never get bored...wish there was one closer...or maybe I DON'T, I'd have NO money!

    Hope you're having a great weekend. 2 days till birthday...I hope it is the BEST birthday EVER!!


  5. Covering your birthday package!!! Awesome! You will have so much fun spending that gift card! Happy soon to be birthday. You deserve a spectacular day and upcoming year. Much love to you, my dear friend.

  6. How gracious of Bing to accept Leo onto his turf (and your bed!) I'm sure once everyone knows their places within the household, these two fellas will be getting along just fine and keeping each other the best of company.

    Enjoy your birthday on the 9th...looks like it's off to a wonderful start already.

  7. Hi Janet!
    Happy New Year!
    Your kitties are adorable! I wish them many years of friendship!
    Your bedroom is sooooo comfie!
    Chris and I have spent the day trying to get rid of all the "stuff" that ended up in our room over the holidays!
    Oh boy!
    Now I have inspiration to get back up there and keep cleaning and rearranging!
    I hope all is well with your family ~
    I've been kind of quiet here in blogland...but thinking of you and always saying a prayer for your Brandon ~
    Blessings to you*

  8. Happy Birthday! I am so glad your kitties are getting along.
    They are just beautiful. I love your blog with all your beautiful photos.
    thank you

  9. How adorable! I am so glad they are getting along. My kitty HATES all other kitties...not sure why. We got her last year at 6 yrs old. I think she wasnt treated very nicely before us. :(. Anyhow, great post!

  10. It's must be such a relief to have seen them together on the bed. Being also a frequent traveller, I have always been a fan of having more than one animal so they can keep each other company. Minimizes the guilt when you leave. Your cats are so sweet!

  11. Hi Janet! Oh... my husband Chris must have still been signed in when I left you the comment above! Silly me!


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