Saturday, January 28, 2012

More Cupcakes!

Last weekend I made these cupcakes and they went pretty fast!
Mostly because I took 12 of them to work to help celebrate a friend's baby news!
She found out she's having a girl, so I thought red velvet cupcakes with pale-pink
icing was absolutely in order! Speaking of in order... I found this measuring
cup/pitcher and thought it was perfect for cupcake liner filling!
And, once again...
I was right on the money! And, speaking of money, if you
want one of your own, it won't cost you much at all!
This was the Best $6.00 I spent all week!
Speaking of spending... Mom asked me to place an order for her with
Williams-Sonoma for some of the same Bistro items I picked up. I was
happy to do it, and even happier to find the table runner I've been eyeing
is now on sale! Mom loves her butter dish and her cheese platter
as much as I am now enjoying my new pantry table runner!
While my cupcakes baked, I checked on the boys out in the solarium!
Our transition has been going quite well this week!
King Bing is back to his calm, happy self!
And, King Leonidas really seems to be enjoying his new home!
For my part, I'm really enjoying the peace and quite. And, what about all
this bright sunshine in January too? Love it! I think as soon as my cupcakes
are out of the oven, I am going to get outside and wash the Mini Cooper!
Cupcakes baked... Mini Cooper washed!
How much do we love Devil's food cupcakes?
Last week I had batter for one cupcake left over...
Today, there's batter left for two!
Time for another round of Martha's Buttercream!
The secret to smooth frosting is sifted powdered sugar!
Sifting works out all the kinks!
 Last weekend I made only one batch of Martha's buttercream...
Which left me with a few naked cupcakes. Naked
cupcakes rarely get eaten around here...
So I throw them out into the yard for the
raccoons. Because they are less picky that way!
Nevertheless, this weekend I'm doubling Martha's
recipe, thereby eliminating the risk of naked cupcakes!
The raccoons won't be happy!
I'm using a couple of different tips this time so I thought I
would share with you my trick for transferring icing from one
pastry bag into another... Just snip off the bottom of the first
bag, and use it to pipe the icing over into the second bag!
Certainly not rocket-science. However, it's a whole lot easier and less
messy than scooping icing out of the top of a used pastry bag. Right?
Last week I told you about the photo light tent I picked up and how
much I enjoy using it. Well, after my friend Cheryl read my post, she
e-mailed me to show me how she was able to tweak one of my photos
using Photo Shop. Cheryl's adjustments looked great, but the thing I
wanted to know the most was how she was able to lift, and brighten
up the background. I don't know how it happened; but I noticed a
while ago that my indoor photos were looking a bit drab. After
sharing my frustration with her, Cheryl suggested I adjust my
white-balance setting. And, you know what? She was right!
Adjusting the white-balance on my camera made all the difference!
Now, even without help from Cheryl's Photo Shop, I have
beautiful, bright, clear backgrounds again. Oh, Cheryl...
I heart-you!
Another weekend... And, another great
afternoon spent in the kitchen baking!
Before I go... This is the scene upstairs on our bed
right now. Bing and Leo getting along, and getting closer!
Could grooming each other be far behind?


  1. Oh I'm so haPPy the kitties are SUNNING together.
    Don't you just love it when kitties decide to like each other.
    I see you still using that big white photo tent!
    I am always fighting the gloomy light in my kitchen.
    I'm so tired of baking like a wild woman on all the SUNNY days here in the Northwest!
    Maybe I need one of these.
    What do you think?
    Please tell me how to adjust the white balance on my Cannon~
    I don't even know where it is or how to set it.

  2. YAY!!!! look at your pics Janet!!

    You know I love helping you, you've sure done your share of helping ME!!

    now I'm off to check out that measuring cup thing!!

  3. Red velvet cupcakes with pink icing or devils food cake with purple icing? I'm confused.

  4. Your cupcakes look beautiful as always. I'm glad your kitty's are getting along. Your photos look great!

  5. The photos of your cupcakes are wonderful but then again, all your photos are great. Glad you are enjoying your photo tent and learning about white balance (Cheryl is great!)

    The cats certainly look content!

  6. Anonymous... If you continue reading (or click on the words, "these cupcakes" at the top of this post, you will see the red velvet/pale-pink buttercream cupcakes I created last weekend. :)

  7. Awwww, the kitties look so content! I would be too if I got to smell cupcakes and other yummy baked goods baking all day long. They have it made. Your hubby has it made too, may I add. :)


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