Monday, January 23, 2012

White carrara marble makes my heart go...

When I saw it standing there I heard Agnes say, It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!
I finally had an opportunity to visit the slab I mentioned in this post...
And, I was a bit disappointed to find it's not quite perfect. What this means is that
in order to get the best possible, (most perfect) area out of this slab, they'll have to
cut it down. Way down. Which means my dream carrara marble island-top might
turn out to be more of an extra-large carrara marble cutting board. Now, I hadn't
considered that as an option before; but considering how much it cost to have my
Corian fabricated, not covering my island completely may keep me out of trouble!
So we'll see... I have until Friday to pull the trigger on my slab. One thing's for
certain. I certainly cannot live without at least a little bit of white carrara marble
in my kitchen and I am positively giddy to be one step closer to getting it slipped in!
Oh, and PS... Yes, I am aware that marble is a natural surface so imperfections
are to be expected... And, as I was reminded today, embraced. But I just can't do it!


  1. Your kitchen is beautiful. I love the task lighting!

  2. I'm sorry that you are disappointed in your slab of marble. I'm wondering if you do cut it down to get rid of the *imperfections* if you won't regret it and always be wishing you had covered your entire island. I'll guess we'll know the answer on Friday.

  3. How imperfect was the imperfection? There wasn't another piece that you could choose? How sad that you cannot have the entire island covered...if that IS what you decide. I'm like you, I'd have trouble if it was a defect that I had to stare at everytime I entered my kitchen! I prefer granite...I just love black granite with different colors in small amounts throughout (although I am not describing it well!). One thing to consider...if you don't do the entire island, wouldn't it be too heavy & possibly too fragile to be anything but basically a cutting board? Maybe I just don't know what other plan you have for a "piece" of it. Can't wait to find out on Friday:)

  4. I enjoy your blog, but you're nuts if you can't live without a little bit of marble in that beautiful kitchen. I challenge you to stop acquiring and being discontented with what you have for two whole days. You need some perspective on what a beautiful home you have. It doesn't seem like you ever just stop with what you've *got and enjoy it.

  5. Anonymous, Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your kind words, and you're absolutely right... I do have a lot to be thankful for, and I should make more of an effort to enjoy it even more than I already do.

    Sending you peace, and always my best!


  6. That makes my heart go pitter patter too...can't wait to see what you do.



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