Monday, November 21, 2011

Finishing touches, and one Unanswered question...

Yup! I'm still tinkering with the living room project - Which means I have
an update for you! But before I do... Someone at work bet me lunch that the
zinc horse wouldn't last. However, as you can see... I'm still winning that bet!
Anyway... Last week I installed my framing project...
Which looks great!
The week before that, I took the plunge on a console table at Pottery Barn...
Which truthfully, isn't working for me so there's a change in the works there!
More about that later though. Today was all about warming up the room! You
see, a few years ago I bought a ping-pong table. Because I love to play ping-pong!
In the spring, summer and fall we would roll the table out by the pool and play
there, or in the garage. But in the winter no one would play with me because the
garage was too cold. I solved that problem by having the garage insulated and by
installing a cute little gas-log fireplace... But before the next winter could come,
the Ranger enlisted and no one else wanted to play. So a few months ago, I sold
the table and that cute little fireplace, which may have been used four times, was
covered up for good. And, except for reminding myself not to bump into it with
the Mini, it was pretty much forgotten. Until last week when it occurred to me...
That it would look great in the living room! And, add a bit of
ambiance. And, help keep the room toasty warm all winter!
This brain-surge of mine came just in time too, because the contractor I hired
to install this little fireplace the first time, and the gas logs in the den and the gas
line in the kitchen for my gas stove/oven is retiring at the end of the year! Of
course, I've been asked six times since I got home where I plan to put the
Christmas tree... So far, I've been successful at dodging the question!

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  1. I think that little fireplace is adorable in your corner of the livingroom. Talk about feeling cozy while curled up on the sofa reading a book this winter. I'm sure you will find the perfect *new* place for your Christmas tree.


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