Sunday, November 13, 2011

And then... The wind blew!

You may remember this color from our evening walk on Friday...
Now, following a very windy Saturday and Sunday
morning, all that gorgeous color is on the ground!
Friday evening...
Sunday afternoon!
Yesterday, we did a little shopping and I picked up my framing project...
I had the Ranger's graduation certificates, '09 Ranger
scroll and the Ranger challenge coin his dad gave him framed
I also had framed his Ranger school graduation diploma and original Tab 
 I received the call Friday that these were ready for pick up... On Veteran's Day!
Ranger was surprised to see that I had the safety pin he gave us on that day framed
along with his Tab. Tabbing him was a big deal. So, for me... The pin had to stay!
Now the living room project is done!
Until next week, when the gas log stove is installed!


  1. The frame project looks great and you & your husband should be proud to have raised such a wonderful young man. God bless the Ranger!

  2. Looks like some raking is in your future!

    The framer did and excellent job and they look beautiful on that wall. I'm sure the Ranger was deeply touched that you had these done.

  3. Your house looks amazing. If I didn't have four kids with dirty hands, I'd buy those lovely pillows too. I love the picture and framed tab. You have a right to be mighty proud!


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