Thursday, November 24, 2011

Country Crock Give-Away

When the nice people at Country Crock asked me to share their products with
you, the first thing I thought about was their delicious, like-scratch-made
side dishes. Because since getting hooked on Clean a year and a half ago, I've
leaned on Country Crock sides a lot to help keep Army Dad fed while I stick
to my CLEAN plan. Add a little Shedd's Spread and sour cream to Country
Crock's mashed potatoes and you'll swear you spent an hour peeling spuds!
We've been a Country Crock family for a long, long time. The boys were raised
on Shedd's Spread... On pancakes, English muffins, and spread over vegetables;
Shedd's Spread was my Go-to instead of butter. When you rely on something for
as long as Shedd's Spread has been in my kitchen, you tend to take it for granted.
I have completely overlooked the fact that while my old stand-by spread is still as
consistent and tasty as it's been since those talking hands commercials began airing
in the 80's, Country Crock has continued to innovate and improve their products
so that today there are seven different kinds of Shedd's Spread, plus sticks, and
a squeezable option! Country Crock also has a fantastic website with a recipe
section that puts other recipe websites to shame! Now, it's been a long time since
I've had to coax trick my boys into eating their veggies, but it looks like Shedd's
Spread is still working hard to help moms get their kids to eat their vegetables!
It's Thanksgiving morning and I used Shedd's Spread to make my mac and cheese
creamier! And, there isn't a serving dish that will go into my oven without a little
Shedd's rub-down first. Why use a chemical non-stick spray when greasing your
dish with Shedd's Spread will add a buttery-rich taste to non-stick convenience?
The people at Country Crock sent me the kid-friendly kitchen tools you see below as
well as a kids-size apron and a cute holiday placemat, and they'd like to send them
to you too! All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know which Shedd's
Spread variety you'd like to try next! I'm using the Shedd's Spread coupon they
sent me to try the Honey Spread because it's chili and cornbread season!
There are several other ways for you to win the Country Crock gift pack too...
All you have to do is leave your comment, and then let me know if you:
Enter here to win amazing Thanksgiving-inspired
prize packs, including $100 in groceries!

Remember to let me know what you do and I'll be sure to add
extra entries to your comment. Winner will be announced Monday!

Contest is Closed - Winner is Christine!
Please send me your address via e-mail
and I'll pass it on to Country Crock!

Now for the fine print: *FTC-required disclosure: Country Crock provided me with a cents-off coupon, kid-friendly apple wedger and potato masher and a kid-size apron and Pottery Barn kids turkey placemat, which I gave to my boss who has the most adorable little boy and one sweet little girl! Except for these Country Crock swag items, I was not paid for this review and all of the opinions expressed in this post about Shedd's Spread/Country Crock products are my own.


  1. Hi Janet, I would love to try the Country Crock Buttery spread! I liked Country Crock on Facebook, follow them on twitter and have entered to win their sweepstake. Thanks!

  2. Hi Janet. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I would love to try the honey butter :) I did follow them on facebook and twitter!

  3. I'd like to try the honey spread


  4. Wow...I took a day "off" from reading and came back to lots of fun posts! I would also love to try the Honey Butter spread....sounds delicious on cornbread! YUMMY!!
    So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Black Friday! ;0)
    I do not have a facebook account, but I have "liked" them for years! LOL!

  5. I would like to try the Honey Spread. It would be so much easier and probably less messy. My sister and I loved having butter and honey on our brotchen living off post in Germany after seeing our new friends having this for snack at school.

    tissytano at

  6. I liked Country Crock on FB but was too late to enter their sweepstakes.


    tissytano at

  7. Hi Janet,
    It's Nonya. I love reading your blog and check back often. It looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving. Country Crock is a staple in our kitchen and I like them on facebook now too. I'm working at my son's school now. He was coming along nicely after we figured out he had vision and hearing problems, but then he was dropped on his head from about 4 feet onto a concrete floor. This happened at his former therapy/treatment center. He's had some pretty severe balance issues since and we've had to start over on all the testing. He's supposed to go to Arkansas Children's Hospital on the 12th of December for another MRI. I miss everyone at Hanes, but I'm thankful to be right where I am...with Andrew. I'm looking into getting my Masters degree, teaching permanently, and remaining near my son. As you can imagine, I've had some trust issues since. You can write to me


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