Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bringing in a little Christmas...

 Although Bing almost had me convinced that this was the best
way to spend the first Sunday of Advent together... I decided the
best way to cheer myself up was to bring in a little Christmas!
I began in the kitchen with Martha's tinsel tree. Now, last year...
I made a promise not to add any new ornaments to any of the trees
we put up in the house, and I meant it when I made that promise too!
But there was just one problem...
These cute little stand mixers from Target
were a must have, and so obviously...
The only thing missing from my baking-inspired kitchen Christmas tree!
After the kitchen, I moved into the living room where I filled
my new hurricanes with some of the old ornaments I kept from
our very first Christmas together. They're now vintage... Like us!
I picked up this Santos angel object at the Pottery Barn outlet
the other night during our road-trip adventure to Gaffney!
I really like her, and she stays... Even if
someone else I know called her creepy!
After I sprinkled Christmas around the living room, it was time to put up our
main tree in the foyer since there no longer is a spot for it in the living room
after my little re-do project. It's different and it'll take some getting used to...
Especially since I had to edit so many ornaments off the bottom portion of the
tree. Why? Because hanging them there for Bing to knock off isn't an option!
Don't let this sweet, snoozie exterior fool you! Bing has already
claimed the tree as his new hiding place, and he's shown us
that climbing it doesn't seem to be an issue for him either!
Which is something I plan to remind him of
the next time he needs help down from the bed!


  1. I have to know where you found the mixer ornaments! They are wonderful!


  2. Hi, Jennifer! They are from Target! I had to go to 3 different stores to get the four I have but I think they were worth the effort! :)

  3. Those stand mixer ornaments are the cutest! I need to get one for my tree this year.

  4. It must be wonderful to walk into your home and have that lovely tree waiting to greet you! Your KA ornaments are the cutest, almost as cute as Bing!

  5. I LOVE the mixers! They've just been added to my wish list.
    What are the other ornaments in your entryway...the tall red and white ones? They almost look like mushrooms.


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