Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One day in New York!

This has been a pretty amazing week at the Dream-job because I've had the opportunity to attend the 3-day Champion sportswear sales meeting and line review with my boss. Now, I've been to many sales meetings over the years, but this one has been extra-super special because I've gotten to meet a whole, new-to-me team of amazing talent I've only spoken with by phone for the last year.

One by one, as mutual name tags were read, connections were made and all those friendly and familiar voices came to life through warm hugs offered by smiling eyes. Add to all that warm-fuzzy, mushy stuff the fact that I've been seated next to an expert in the science of sports bra research, LaJean Lawson and top it off with the excitement of a mind-blowing Champion sportswear line for Fall '11 and well, you understand what I mean by amazing week.

Which leads me to why we're here. You see, so many at the meeting asked about our recent cruise vacation, which I was happy to share - However, when the question was asked by someone from our New York offices, well... I just couldn't wait to share how much I love their fabulous city!

Truthfully, I will never take another cruise... If I revealed everything about how unpleasant the experience truly was, it would make your hair stand on end. About all I have to say about that part of our long-awaited vacation is that while the excursions were fun, beautiful and interesting the next time I flush $4,000.00, I want to be standing in a jewelry store!

However... New York! New York is another story! 

The Thirty-nine hours we spent in that vibrant, pulsating city still has me spinning like a top! And, every time I recount what we managed to pack into those too-few, short hours we spent there, no one listening believes we didn't spend an entire week in New York! Which brings me, (finally!) to my point...

While you've seen much of the best 39-hours I have ever spent on any
vacation, I realized this week that there are a few highlights that I neglected
to share with you. So without further delay, I'm going to catch you up on
what happened the full day after we arrived in the Greatest city on earth! 
It all began at 9AM Friday morning when we hailed a cab
to the Millenium Hilton hotel adjacent to Ground Zero
Sitting at this window table on the third floor, we couldn't
help but feel the horror of that 11th day of September...  
After breakfast we walked towards Wall Street
and stopped to explore this beautiful cemetery...
Which we soon learned belongs to Trinity Church
It is beautiful!

Its bronze doors were a gift by William Waldorf Astor, in
memory of John Jacob Astor III, who in 1859 built a little
house on 5th. Where the Empire State Building now stands!
I wanted to visit this part of New York to be swallowed up by very, very tall buildings...
And, Wall Street was happy to grant my wish!
Because it's all about very Tall buildings!
When I click on, buy Google this is where it happens!
And, right here... This is where I lost the man I love!
For when he realized what happened here... It took a while for him to get moving again
Yup... We took it all in, and we savored it!
Just mark me down as a fan!
So now you know what came before I told you about
Before the Lobster bisque...
Before our 2 o'clock tour of Lady Liberty too!
So... Following our visit to the statue, we
hopped into another cab that took us to
And, while you already know about how we stood on the Top of the Rock...
I didn't tell you that after taking in the view of Central Park from the top of the rock...
We enjoyed the serenity and romance of Central Park by evening carriage ride!
It was from our cozy carriage that we decided on our next adventure...
The tippy-Top of the Empire State Building!
And, it was about midnight, standing at the top of the Empire State building, when
we realized we hadn't eaten since Chelsea Market. So we hopped into another cab
and asked to be taken back to Times Square and our hotel, where we dashed across
the street for a late-late dinner at Schnippers - Only the best burgers in New York!
So now you know all about the one full day we spent in New York before
our cruise! And, I'll close now by saying that the next time I have the idea to
take a cruise from New York, we're stopping at the going to New York part!


  1. Wow..what a fun post! You sure did a lot. You sure got to see the best parts of the city. You need to come stay for a LONG week and we can meet up for lunch or a show. That would be great. I am glad that you liked it here so much. Love your pictures....

  2. Looks like a blast! One of these days I will have to get my husband back east!

  3. WOW!!! This was all one day? You guys covered a lot of ground in such a short time! It sounds like you had a blast though!

    Oh... and there is a science to sports bras??? That is AWESOME! :p

  4. Sorry you didn't like your cruise! We cruise every year w/ our 4 children and absolutely love it! Leaving in 3 weeks and including 2 excursions (2 days we are winging it when we arrive) we are under 5k for 9 nights leaving out of NJ :)

  5. Wow! You sure did pack a lot of sightseeing into your time there. What fabulous pictures. Looks like you had the time of your life. Good for you. You deserve it!

  6. Okay, I have to voice my opinion.

    After seeing all your pictures and reading your posts, I was shocked to read that you didn't have the time of your life on that cruise. In fact, you made me want to go on one!

    However, after speaking to you today, I now understand why you feel the way you did about it. They sent you a gift basket for your anniversary because you were going to blog about them and in my opinion, that was their way of kissing your butt so you'd write nice things about them- so they'd look good! It worked.

    BUT, I think you have misrepresented them. You have made them look good and that is clearly not the case. I know you want to put it behind you but I think you ought to blog about what your experience with Carnival was really like. You don't have to be negative and trash them, just tell the truth.

    Like I said, if you hadn't told me what you did, I would have been willing to hop aboard. but they don't deserve any of my money either.

    I'm sorry you had the experience you did, I really am. But I'm glad that New York more than made up for that. You deserve to have those good memories.

    Love you my dear!



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