Friday, October 8, 2010

Lady Liberty

We began our day quite early. First, with breakfast at
the Millennium hotel overlooking Ground
Zero. You can see those photos I took, here
After breakfast we made our way down
to Wall Street, and then over to Battery Park
for our tour of the Statue of Liberty. She is
a site to behold. Both from the outside...
And, the Inside! This is the view beneath
the Statue, looking up through the center
From high on the pedestal we could see the City and Ellis Island
There is also a very Interesting and comprehensive
museum dedicated to the history of Lady Liberty
 Everything you've ever wanted to know...
And, many things that will Surprise you is
right here for the Exploring and learning!
I believe this is the most beautiful Sonnet ever written 
This is one of the original torches. It
burned bright for almost 100 years!
Following our tour of the Statue, we headed over to Ellis Island 
It was another spectacular day in New York!
Which certainly matched the sights today!
Standing here, it's difficult not to become emotional...
She's so beautiful and a symbol of so much
that is truly wonderful about our country!
Good-bye for now, Lady Liberty!
We'll be back...
That's for sure!
In the meantime...
 Keep up the good work!
As we exited Battery Park we found this...
There is so much more to show you from our day... Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, where we experienced New York City from the Top of the Rock, there was also a carriage ride through Central Park this evening, and we ended the day, literally at midnight, standing at the top of the Empire State Building. At 12:30 this morning we realized we hadn't eaten since a fabulous lunch at Chelsea Market where we almost shared a unisex bathroom with one of the lovely ladies we enjoy watching on FoxNews, so we had a quick bite at Schnipper's a block from our hotel.

As as much as I would like to show all of that to you right now, I'm afraid it will have to wait since it'll just be a few short hours before I have to pack everything up and get over to the Pier for our cruise. Frankly, I'm looking forward to the rest, but I will sure miss this city!

Sleep tight!


  1. Awesome pictures Janet! I wish I was there! Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. That surely is incredible!

    I have to thank you for all of your pictures because you're making me feel as if I were actually there!

  3. that is SO cool! I'd love to see Lady Liberty up close!

  4. Oh please tell me the computer does not go bye~bye when you get on the cruise ship!!!!!!
    These pics are fab Janet!
    I know it gave you chill~bumps to see the Statue of Liberty!
    Are you and Terry holding hands every~where you go!
    Make every moment count!
    How did you get that first pic that BIG! WOW!


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