Friday, October 8, 2010

Top of the Rock!

After our trip to the Statue we zipped back to the hotel to unload our
souvenir haul, and then hailed another cab from the NY Times building,
which is just outside where we're staying, over to Rockefeller Center 
I've always wanted to stand right here!
It's just as Beautiful as I imagined!
And thankfully, less crowded!
As we strolled around the center and into the Godiva boutique for a quick snack, we
noticed Top of the Rock tickets being sold for the observation deck. Initially I thought,
not-a-chance! But then I had a chat with myself... First I thought about all the people
around me, and how unafraid they seemed. And then I said, you know what? This
building will probably still be standing tomorrow, and tonight I have an opportunity...
To see this!!

So, why not see it?!
I mean, how else could I look the Empire State Building in the eye?
And look! Rockefeller Center is still standing, and so am I. And,
now that I have kicked my fear of heights in the butt, we're coming
for you, big scary Empire State Building. So watch out!
But first... St. Patrick's Cathedral has my full attention!
And, my sweetie has just invited me to a Carriage ride through Central
Park. But after that... I'll see you from the top of the Empire State!


  1. You did it! I'm so proud of you for not passing up on that opportunity!

    Yes, that cathedral is stunning!

  2. Oh Janet!
    You are really bring NYC to LIFE!
    Your pics are just beautiful!
    ANd I can tell through your words you are LOVING every minute of your trip!
    You so deserve this!

  3. Your pictures are absolutely AMAZING! I am so impressed. When we go your coming with! I hope you are having a wonderful time!


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