Friday, August 20, 2010

Proposal Chicken made better with Artisan Salt!

You know what a fan I am of Spice rubs, and that I enjoy using unique and
flavored salts in my cooking too... Well, when I received this amazing collection
of Artisan salts from Salt Works, I couldn't wait to try them! If you haven't yet
discovered this company, you're missing out! So click here to learn more!
Today was a full-on Me day. Everything I did today was all about me. So when I finally met
up with my Sweetie and he asked what my dinner plans were, I decided to put Selfish on
pause and prepare him my old, proposal chicken recipe. Truthfully, it's just a really
great roast chicken. However, the first time I made this for him, 24 and a half years ago
when we were newly married, he finished his plate and said, "Damn, that was good! If
we weren't already married, I would propose to you right now!" So all you single ladies
out there, get ready to pick out a China pattern... Because if you follow this recipe and
serve it to your boyfriends, you'll be married in no time at all! About the only thing that
could make my proposal chicken any better would be these Great artisan salts. And, since
garlic and rosemary are part of this recipe, these two Fusion gourmet salts will be perfect!   
Let's make an amazing Roasted chicken, shall we?

First, I ran out to the deck to snip some of the Thyme and rosemary that's going wild out there!
Roasted garlic salt, Spanish Rosemary salt and lots of lemon. If you've ever had
dinner out with me you know that I always ask for Lots of lemon. The waiters
and waitresses that do Best with me are those that just bring me a whole lemon!

Unsalted butter, pressed garlic and chopped herbs... Smells amazing!

One chopped Vidalia onion and a cubed apple also join the fun!

Now, to separate the skin from the Breast meat on our
chicken... This is exactly why God made latex gloves! 

And exactly why I keep boxes and Boxes of them in my kitchen! 

After the skin is separated from the breast, I slide lemon slices under the skin

And then... I slip butter over the Lemon slices and season away!
First the Roasted garlic and then the Spanish Rosemary salts. I must
confess that I ate these Salts right off my finger, and they are incredible!
Sprinkle-sprinkle chopped Herbs over the top of the chicken
And top with the pressed Garlic. So pretty! Now we'll tuck the wings...

Like this...

Stuff the cavity with the chopped Vidalia onion and cubed apple

Grab some Butcher's string and tie the chicken legs together to keep the cavity contents inside
Someone just asked why I'm not using one of my new Le Creuset
dutch ovens. Because they are too pretty to dirty up. Silly man!

I'm adding new red potatoes because that's what he likes... But you could
go crazy here and add carrots, celery, Turnips, and even mushrooms too! 

Finish off all this loveliness with a few turns of your Pepper mill and... 
Slip the whole thing into a preheated, 400 degree oven for an hour and
a half. If you opt not to stuff the cavity of your chicken you may reduce the
cook time to an hour... But you single girls won't get that proposal if you do! 
After an hour and a half...

Move your chicken to a plate to rest, and Cover the roaster to keep
your taters, (and other veg if you choose) warm prior to plating

The side options for this dish are endless. Mashed potatoes benefit from the
gravy that is possible by using the Drippings in the bottom of the pan deglazed
with dry white wine. Or you could serve this with wide egg noodles buttered
and tossed with additional herbs. Jasmine rice works too! But tonight we're
going with the red taters, Corn on the cob and broccoli. I boiled the corn for 15
minutes, then moved it to a sheet of foil to butter and salt it. This Cypress Flake
sea salt is the Perfect salt to sprinkle over any veg, but especially buttered corn!  
Pop the corn under the broiler for a few minutes... And,
after the chicken has Rested for 10 minutes, it's ready to carve

Grab a knife!

Add a little warm, buttered bread...
And, Enjoy it!


  1. OK I'm sold...on making the dinner but not the proposal.That looks so yummy I can almost smell it from my pc screen. I can see why he would say that after eating it. That looks like the perfect chicken meal to me.

  2. it looks delicious and you are using your antique chicken dish!! aimee

  3. Looks divine! What a fun "proposal" story too. I love recipes that have a story linked to them. I am tempted to run out and get a chicken now. I did a couple cornish hens this week but I think that we need some proposal chicken around here too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You are absolutely amazing. I must try this dish. It looks killer!

  5. Good Heavens that looks incredible. I love how you just siced up that stick of butter and slid it under the skin. ooooh!

    I would love to try some of that rosemary salt- I bet it smelled awesome.

  6. Firstly, Thank you so much for this simple and step by step recipe! It was awesome, easy to make and smelled awesome!!!! I served it to my brother and boyfriend and my brother said *leans over to my boyfriend* "man this is so good, you better get that ring like now!" and my boyfriend told me later "I wish I had a ring like right now cause I swear we would be married tonight!" so, I must say I plan on making this every other month to remind him lol! I made a simple salad, crab bisque, and the corn and brocolli as well. It was amazing, I am so full!

  7. ItsMissHaygood -

    Thank you for reading along and thank you for your glowing endorsement of my recipe!! Please come back and let me know when he proposes!! xxoo


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