Saturday, August 21, 2010

Making the Coupon Goddess proud!

I received an e-mail from Bath and Body Works yesterday announcing $1 shipping, and the lowest price, Ever, on their antibacterial hand soap. Although I don't care for any of their fragrances because to me, they contain too much alcohol, I love their antibacterial, Deep cleansing hand soap for the kitchen. I find nothing gets my hands as squeaky-clean after handling food, especially greasy foods, like this soap does.

Usually, I shop on-line, since I don't particularly care for mall-shopping; however, since a lot of this soap is already out-of-stock on-line, I was forced into the mall.

Every time this soap is on sale I stock up, buying up to 30 bottles at a time. Honestly, I just buy as much as I think I can store! Now, in the past it was priced 3/$10 but this time the sale is even better at 7/$20! 

Usually I would just place my order for 30 bottles and be done with it. However, ever since meeting Melanie, aka The Coupon Goddess, I can't seem to shop, in stores or on-line, without at least checking to see if there might be a coupon available. And yesterday was no different! Not only is this the biggest sale they've ever had on my favorite kitchen soap, when I google'd Bath and Body Works printable coupons, I found not one, but several active coupons available to me. The best was one that gave me an additional 20% off, which was like getting two bottles Free! 
Obviously, it's been a while since I last stocked up since the packaging has changed!
I've never been a fan of B&BW lotions, but this one was a Must-get! These adorable little bottles
were only $1 at the register. After one sniff I was hooked and asked where I might find it in a much
larger size... The cashier said everyone says the same thing - but it won't be released until August
28th... Then she handed me these coupons to come back for it. I think Melanie would be so proud!


  1. WOW! Great job!!!! That should stock you up until the next package redesign! I'm totally proud of you. I feel like your Yoda!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!
    This is too much!
    I mean like amazing!
    You must have been thrilled seeing them pack up all this yummy~ness!
    You must have the smelling...sweetest hands in the world!

  3. Nice job! I just went there last weekend and bought SOO many soaps! My husband was like, what the?!?!
    BUt it's a great price. Can't wait to try the new scent also :)

  4. Hi Janet!
    Oh my... thank you so much for this lead on the best bath and kitchen soap ever!
    I love their scents... and I love to save cents ... Oh dear... I've been in the house too long! LOL

    I got Dad some Dial foam soap for his bathroom {he only has use of his left hand and washing his hands is so difficult} so the foam soaps rinse much more easily...

    I'm at their site... checked my email for their $1 shipping offer...and off I go to shop at B&B works---
    Thanks so much Janet!!!
    I love the Coupon Goddess's blog photo... so awesome!
    Will have to check out her site more often!
    Happy Sunday to YOU! ~Maria

  5. PS... Janet... the sale is on again tomorrow!
    When I realized it was a one day sale, I called and they said it's on again and the new promotion code is TREAT 1
    {all one "word" no spaces}

  6. pss. another coupon code if you're spending $40 or more (like me LOL)
    20% off total order PLUS
    Here's the code:


    good until Aug.31

  7. I have that green one in my bathroom now. It's not my favorite fragrance so I'm trying to use it up. But that kitchen lemon is a fave!


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