Sunday, August 29, 2010

Preparing to CLEAN Detox Cleanse!

Friday afternoon I dashed over to GNC to pick up a vitamin box. It's just the tool I
need to organize my Supplements for the CLEAN Detox I begin tomorrow morning!
After I read all about my CLEAN Detox kit supplements and got the first
week's worth portioned out, I did what anyone preparing to cleanse might do...
I baked another batch of those amazing Guittard Chocolate Chip cookies!
But since I've got CLEAN on my mind I mailed all but six of my amazing cookies away!
Six for the man I love, and 20 sent to seven different states for friends and family to enjoy!
And me? Well, I'm just going to keep my yummy CLEAN
supplements in here with my baking butter for the next 21-days!

If you haven't read about my CLEAN Detox cleanse and how you
can get CLEAN with your very own FREE Detox kit, click Here!


  1. OMG!
    Does anyone else STUDY your pics like I do?!
    First of all!
    Those cookies!
    Those cookies!
    I just KNOW you connected me to the recipe...but I think I need to be CONNECTED to that recipe again!
    I must make these master~pieces for my mom!
    And OMG!
    Those clear bags you placed them in...and sealed them with that personalized stamp and silver sticker!
    You HAVE everything!
    I think I might be starting to get a bit JEALOUS of YOU! ;o) In a GOOD way you know!
    So let's chat detox!
    Your little pill box kit!
    Well now!
    That is just PERFECT!
    And how cute are all those vitamens
    (how the heck do you spell VIT~a~MEN?)
    up there with all that BUTTER!
    Can't WAIT to follow your cleansing!
    Gwyneth and I are having lunch next week, ;o)
    I'll be sure and tell her you are DETOXING on CLEAN! ;o)
    You fascinate me!
    What can I say!
    And I sure do STILL have my sights on winning that detox kit! ;o)
    But I PROMISE to love you if I don't!

  2. Ha! Love the pills with the butter. You are so funny. They are sticks in waiting now. LMAO!

  3. Those cookies look as GOOD as ever!

  4. You know you are killing me with those cookies right?! Especially since I had to resprt to frozen premade cookie dough this past week. In all fairness, they weren't bad, but I know there is no comparison to your cookies!

    Vitamins in the butter- that is hilarious!


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