Sunday, August 8, 2010

The skewer that Organized my kitchen!

The original plan for this morning was to bake a very special biscotti for
a new blog friend I've agreed to swap blogs with. However, after grabbing
a baking sheet from the pantry where a long, metal grilling skewer flew
out and stabbed me in the toe, the whole plan for my day changed.
Honestly... I just could not live like this one more minute!

Of all the storage spots in our home, to me, the pantry is the most
important. And yet, despite my considerable (and constant) efforts
to keep it organized, my pantry remains out of control! Although I
have been searching for several years, I cannot seem to find a closet
organizing system I believe will truly work. So once again, I spent a
number of hours today rearranging and eliminating the contents of
my pantry just to get it back into a workable state. And, this is what
my (latest) considerable efforts delivered! I think my favorite part is
that there is finally nothing on the floor. We'll see how long it lasts!
Surely not where I want it to be. However, from this...
Where pulling on one thing caused ten other things to fly
out and possibly land me in the emergency room...

To this... Where organization, albeit destined to be
temporaty without a better solution, reigns supreme!

For a long while today it seemed
no progress was being made!

However, like every other disease... Disorganization
must get worse before the cure can be delivered!

As you can see... The cure came well after dark!

Cleaning out the pantry today inspired me to tackle all of the
drawers and cabinets too. This is my sprinkles and cupcake liner
drawer. I couldn't even take a photo of the disaster this once was, but
trust me... It was major! But look at it now. Everything is beautiful!

I even busted out the label maker, (that I've never used)
to label my containers. Ut-oh! Does this mean I'm one
of those, Crafty girls? Gracious! I sure hope so!

This is one of my other cabinet disaster-zones... I have so many
delicious rubs and spices but I find myself avoiding them
because I can't grab anything without ten other things
tumbling out onto the counter top. Well,... No more!

I have reclaimed this deep cabinet for my
pie plate and mixing bowl collection!

Because hidden away in the dark recesses of my super-
messy pantry they rarely get to play in the kitchen!
Besides... Spices, rubs and baking helpers belong over
the stove where they're easy to reach. Where for some
reason, faux strawberry cake and fruits hogged space!
I mean, really... Who wastes Precious cabinet space storing faux fruits and
strawberry cake? However, when I asked this question of my fun facebook
friends, my sweet friend Beth, of said she does! Turns
out, these babies come in quite handy for use in her business. So I will be
popping this one into the mail for her. Along with the faux chocolate
dipped strawberries and all of the fruits I found in the cabinet too!

Awww... I forgot I had these! I bought them years ago for the boys and
haven't seen them since we packed up in California! I wish we had used
them while the boys were little. They are Pottery Barn kids, circa 199-
something, and so cute! I think I have a friend who will love them! She
has two adorable little girlies still in that, our-foods-can't-touch stage!

Roughly half way into my pantry and Kitchen make-over today, FedEx
rolled up with my shipment of new, (Fall/Winter 2010) Pampered Chef
product orders. Oh boy! You should have seen the look on his face when
my sweetie brought the cases into the kitchen! The sear in his glare could
have grilled a steak! I got the, I thought you were cleaning out, not adding
to... comment. So I quickly unpacked this new Spice turn-about to show
him that my Pampered Chef purchases really do help me organize!

And, to solve the problem of stabbed toes from Skewers that once
tumbled out of the Pantry every time I pulled out a baking sheet, I
banged a couple of nails into the door frame to Hang them up!

To solve the problem of the Massive amounts of stuff I decided would
not be returning to the kitchen, I put out a call to friends to hurry over
and pick through it. So now, after just a little over eight hours today...

There is lightness, some-what perfect order, and...


Now it's time to relax! Oh, and wrap up my faux
strawberry cake for its trip to Kansas on Monday!

I'm so excited to get back into my Kitchen to bake and cook
again... Now that organization has been added to my recipes!
If I ever do find a closet pantry organizing system I think will
work in my kitchen, I promise, you'll be the very first to know!


  1. Good gracious! That is one stocked pantry. Looks like you moved your bridal registry to the pantry- ha! You know I'm not gonna let that one go, right?

    You had a kitchen rummage "sale" and you didn't call me- ah! We can't be friends anymore.

    All kidding aside, I'm glad you got your kitchen straightened up. I love that you have a sprinkle and cupcake liner drawer- you are a woman after my own heart. Hope the toe is okay too!

  2. Wow, you must feel like a new woman! Once you started you couldn't stop! I am very impressed, AND inspired! Now, it's my turn! KUDOS to you; it looks beautiful!

  3. Oh really, this is fabulous and I'm so glad I found this :) I've been in the throes of this whole declutter things and had awful horrible pics of what my house looked like posted along the way and they were bad :) And yes it was darkest before the dawn :) Darker then your house! LOL

    But Im glad I am not the only one although I didnt skewer myself! But my house was a serious mess for about a month LOL


  4. Well done. hard work but worth it!! and to find all your hidden treasures. and I must ask - where did you find that amazing enamel tiffin? (stacked posts next to the pig)

  5. Hi Janet!
    I will first thank you for your kind words today... Everyone "out here" is so amazingly kind and thoughtful... I always count you all as blessings...

    and now for your pantry!
    I have to say WOW...
    first of all ... I need a pantry...
    secondly, if I had one, I would probably be stabbed by at least two or three skewers!
    Your clean and organized new look is great! I had to enlarge some of the photos to get a better look... like the faux cake... very pretty, but really added a big smile to my day! and the Pampered chef spices... I got my father the Italian blend one as a stocking stuffer this year... it smells soooo incredibly good...
    I'm sure you're an awesome representative for them!

    Thank you again, Janet... You are so wonderful and supportive friend ♥

  6. Perhaps a skewer will drop on my foot and stimulate me to get busy organizing the pantry (again). Every time I get it in order I vow to keep it that way. Never happens.

    I do love yours!

  7. What a wonderful post! I have to admit "Total Organization Reigns Supreme" makes my skirt fly up. I love an organized kitchen, and I LOVE that you pulled the lable maker out!


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