Sunday, August 1, 2010

Carolina Shinefest 2010

When he asked if I'd go to the Shinefest in Madison this
weekend, I had to ask What's that? Much to my Surprise, it
had nothing to with my first thought... Which was powdering a
shiny nose. No, no... This was about Moonshine. As in alcohol!

Madison is a Charming little town. We especially loved this clock
Click photo twice to get a better look at the dial - It's worth it!

This was as good a street Fest as any we've been to. There was
great food, crafts, and a little bit of Something for everyone

Oh, and the biggest, and apparently, the Fastest shopping cart we
have ever seen! Did you know they call shopping carts, Buggies
here? They do. And, it drives me crazy. I do my best to remind
people that Buggies are pulled by horses and shopping Carts
are Pushed by people. But I don't think I'm getting through...

All that aside... This must be a Guy-thing!

At the first shop we stopped at we bumped into these Moonshine
jams. I quickly bought Four jars. It was surprisingly delicious!

After jam-tasting we wandered the streets of Madison...

Seems that Moonshine runners have a lot to do with NASCAR

I know absolutely Nothing about NASCAR

I know even less about Moonshine. Except that Granny was
always telling Mr. Drysdale that it could cure what ailed him

However, we learned today that there is
one man that really knows his Moonshine...

His name is Junior Johnson and he produces
the only legal, Shine in North Carolina

Right there in Madison, North Carolina...

Done right there in that room!

This is Brian, and in the barrel is what they call, Mash

This is his measuring stick to Measure the rise in the mash

To me, mash smelled like sourdough Cornbread

To learn more about this Process and
the Moonshine it produces, read Here

Moonshine tasted about how I expected it might. Like
rubbing alcohol. However, they also make a Lemonade
moonshine. And that was the Best lemonade I've ever had!
After our tour and tasting at his distillery, we met Mr. Johnson

He was there with his son, Robert, who
we were told is also a NASCAR driver
This is Hillbilly Bob. His homemade black cherry soda,
served in lined tin cans was the Best soda we've ever tasted!

Guns and Moonshine. Yes... We are in North Carolina!

We'll definitely visit Madison again!

I really Enjoyed our day here today!

And who knows?

I may just have to pick up some of that 70-proof Lemonade some day!


  1. Too fun!! Living in North Carolina, you are in NASCAR central! I actually live just a few miles away from the Nashville Superspeedway (not used for Nascar just yet, but for other truck races) and there is nothing quite like that hum you hear when there is a race going on. ha ha!

    I have a moonshine story...about 3 years ago, my husbands friend got married in my husbands hometown in Southern Tennessee. The brides brother was passing around a Subway cup filled with his own homemade "shine" to all the groomsmen. The whole wedding had that same redneck tone to it. Interesting weekend FOR SURE! ha!

  2. What a cool post. Love the pictures of the mash!

  3. I love this kind of a day!
    You get the best a community has to offer in less than a day!
    Lemonade moonshine! I had an "adult beverage" a few years ago... it was some sort of spiked lemonade in a bottle... really good...
    but for me, in the summer, it's too hot to drink alcohol ... I get too warm on the inside :D

    Hillbilly Bob looks like an awesome guy!
    We have "characters" like that here in Altamont.
    Love "characters" we need more of them!

    The clock IS outstanding, Janet. I'm glad you told us to enlarge the pic... It's great both for us and for our troops that they are acknowledged and appreciated!!!

    Keep having those good times~
    ps. Thank you for the kind comment you left for me yesterday... so very nice ♥

  4. What an interesting day and a very cool clock.

  5. Thank you for coming by and visiting my blog!! I grew up in NC. When I got married 22 yrs ago, my caterer was from Madison; Debbie's Catering if I remember correctly. And I used to go back to school shopping in Burlington every year when it was known for the best outlet stores and Waccamaw Pottery. I have never heard about the flea market though. You are making me homesick!!1


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