Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spooky Town!

I made Terrific use of my day off today! Finally, I tackled the project of Cleaning out the pantry. Old cereal, crackers, Cookies, a four-year Collection of boy scout microwave popcorn purchases, plus a ton of expired canned and jar goods and waaaaaay too much hot chocolate was all Tossed out! There are now five garbage bags of Pantry rejects out in the garage and a huge pile of cereal, cookies, oatmeal and Marshmallows being enjoyed by my little Raccoon family out in the yard right now!

Of course, I had to sneak those goodies out to them while a certain someone was at his Gardening class this evening because he hates it when I invite, the Critters over for a feast!

Another thing I did today was set up my Halloween tree! Last year this
fit on top of the Bookcase table in the entry... However since then, we've added
a few new pieces, and I just had the good Fortune of picking up this adorable little
fence last weekend - Therefore, I decided the Kitchen table was probably a better spot! 

A few years ago Martha showed us her table top Easter tree scene surrounded by a cute
picket fence. As you know, I do my own Easter tree, (see Here) using my Oma's ornaments
so I've been searching for a picket fence like Martha's. For a year now I've been eyeing
this one at Antique Marketplace in Greensboro - but at $45.00 a section, I just couldn't
justify it. However, during a visit there last weekend I was delighted to find that the
dealer must have come to her Senses because the sections were now priced only $10
each! Needless to say, I couldn't grab them fast enough. Now, I have my fence! I may
eventually Paint it... But for now, I think the color is perfect for my Spooky Town

Let me take you on a little Tour... First, we have Snoopy
and his buddy, Woodstock stirring at the Calderon

Not sure what these two are cooking up but it sure Smells good!

Behind the decorated Tree we see scary Werewolf and his lighted wagon

There's Dracula in the castle basement. Looks like
he's just swept his next Victim off her feet! 

On the other side we see the Creature from the black lagoon

And finally, we have my favorite, Dr. Frankenstein's lab

On the outskirts of Spooky Town is the Flying Ace. And, you can
see Monsieur Snoopy having refreshments at the CafĂ© Rouge

That concludes our tour of Spooky Town. I hope you enjoyed it!

Happy Fall!

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