Friday, October 16, 2009

The problem within the Solution!

Now that the new Carpeting has been installed in the
den and Living room, we need to keep Bing out. And, since
he mastered the Jump over the baby gates I put up to prevent
him from getting into the Boys' bedrooms, I figured I would move
up to pet gates. However, the only pet gate Tall enough to keep our
sweet Bingee out of our rooms also comes with a kitty door option!
When I saw this on the box I laughed so hard I cried...

Fortunately, Bing lacks opposable Thumbs, and
the necessary strength to operate said Kitty gate!

But if he did, I know he would So be doing it! Oh, no!
Not, the face. Stop it! Oh my... Who can resist Bing? 

Not me! So just this Once, come on through...

Okay... Back out you go. And, please
do Forget you ever saw the kitty door!

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