Saturday, October 10, 2009

I added a little Something-something...

Stepping outside today it looked like Fall... but
at almost 80 degrees, it felt like humid summer!

I am looking forward to the Crisp air of Autumn
finding us soon... And snow can hurry up Now too!

I said I wasn't going to add anything to
my Halloween decorations this year...

But I lied. As soon as I saw this little, Not-Welcome mat
on display at the Department 56 store I had to have it!

It came as a set with this Pumpkin man and No Fly Zone traffic sign

And, this set of Skull thingees...

At half-price they were a Must have for my Spooky town!

Of all the Light strands I saw today these were the best (to scale)
for my picket fence too! I think they would work for you too...

So get over to Target and get yourself some!

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