Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Glory

We stumbled upon these October Glory Maple trees at an
unbelievable price the other day. I wanted Four, he said two..

I won that battle when we put Liquid Amber trees into the back
yard in California... But I am not going to win it here. Why? Because
since we don't plan to Move, he says we can't over-plant trees here
the way we did there. See... I've been back to our old House in
California and I even know the person living there at the moment,
and those Liquid Amber trees have totally over and Out-grown the
space. They are even tearing up the Fence and the little cobble patio the
bench we left behind is situated on. In fact, you Cannot even sit on that
bench any more, the cobbles are so uneven! But all of that is okay because
those Trees are clearly someone else's problem now. But knowing this, it
makes it Impossible for me now to insist that everything I want gets planted 

You see, while I would be happy with Four, (six, really!) of the October
Glory maple trees we found - at maturity, this area in our Front yard
will only accommodate two, 50' (tall) by 20' (wide) trees. Phooey!

I've come a long way though... Because I have never wanted trees in this
part of our Front yard. This was after all our volleyball, Badminton and
crochet lawn. But now that the boys are out on their Own, we sadly play
less Lawn games than we used to - and, since I decided I no longer cared for
the Boston ivy on the pool fence, (so there is less privacy) and I've given
up on my Dream of an English Knot Garden... I caved on the trees!

There they are! Two amazing October Glory Maple trees... And,
as if by Design, the moment he finished planting them it began to
rain. It's been Raining ever since so they are well watered in now! 

I think they will be quite Happy in our landscape. And
color-wise, these trees couldn't be a Better fit!

More fall Color is always better

More privacy at the Pool can't be bad either

And, I might still have room for the Badminton net!


  1. Seeing your yard makes these "New England Autumns" so easy to leave behind!!Of course, San Antonio autumns may suck butt (can you say...brown), I'll know I can come see you and never have to come back here again!!!

  2. Those maple trees are going to be spectacular one day and your Hubs will thank you for wanting them.

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. You are such a great Mom to send your sons bedding to him. If he is anything like most kids, he sleeps better with his own pillow.


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