Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Thursday in the Garden...

Looks like Bones made it out of the closet today!

And he's wearing his Spider bow-tie!

Not quite sure Bing thinks he's a good thing to have hanging around!

Bing's engaged in a great Pumpkin face-off!

Now I understand why the Stem on my pumpkin is missing...

It didn't stand a Chance against the jaws of Bing!

Oh my! Look at this view! Seems that while I was away playing in the world's Best
and most fantastic socks & underwear, someone was Riding his mower!

Because he's Devoted to my comfort and happiness... Just like Hanes is!

Autumn always makes our Forest look like yellow lace!

You begin to see the structure of the trees now... Kinda makes
me a little Sad to see them go. But the color makes up for it!

Speaking of Color!

All around the pond we see Bright, turning
Japanese maples, Ferns and waning hostas

My forest is Developing its autumn color. I love, love that
tall, Beautiful dogwood tree in the center of my shot!

Our creek never looks Lovelier than it does covered
in leaves! Or, when my Ducks are paddling through it!

The sound of the Water moving the leaves around
as it trickles through to make its Way is so calming

Looking up into the Maple tree... I spy a
thousand shades of Yellow and green!

Looking through the Dogwood tree by the
pool I see the abandoned Robin's nest

Feels like just yesterday there were Babies chirping in this spot!

But it wasn't... Fall is here. The Japanese Maple in the front
yard is beginning to turn now. And all too soon it will be bare

Yup! Spring and Fall in North Carolina... My favorite seasons

Such fabulous trees... It's so great to be Home!

There's my Guy!

My sweet, Peek-a-Boo Bing!


  1. Everything is beautiful & i love your little kitty! One of mine is sleeping on the rug sleeping while I type. Normally, he's in my lap.


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