Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Friday Wednesday!

I'm home! And for me, it's Friday! I don't have to be back
at the office until Monday and I'm pretty darn Happy about it!
Put a Four day weekend on top of Brandon being home and well...

... It just doesn't get any better than this! So before I go in the house
to begin dinner, let's walk about the Gardens for a while. Shall we?

This rose, called Fourth of July, out on the split
rail fence is putting on a late-Summer show for me!

I don't know what Mr. B did this year that he didn't do Last year but all
the Aphids seem to have lost our address. Which makes me pretty happy!

I see that someone was Very busy planting today! Everything we
picked up at the Farmer's market last weekend is in the ground

The dogwood trees are Full of berries right
now. Which also means there are Birds everywhere!

None of the wild bunnies can get to my Veg garden so the lettuce
is doing quite well this season. I love it when Lessons are learned! 

I was against Planting anything in front of the Nelly R Stevens but
he said they needed something for a little Contrast. So there ya go...

I see the Toad Lily down at the koi pond is still blooming away! 

Ya know what else I see? Baby fish! Oh yeah, the new babies
are finally getting Big enough to spot. You see one too, right? 

Right there above Freckles - that's a baby Goldfish!
(click photo once to enlarge)

Baby fish equal Free fish... And free fish is a Good thing!

Japanese maple trees are a Good thing too...

Especially this one!

Dinner Time!

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