Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday morning bake and Squirrel-fest!

It's raining... Still. Nevertheless, I love my view from the Kitchen!
Before I start baking I better run some Feed out for the Ducks and the birds
I love Dux!
Thanks for stopping by... Come again. And, next time, do bring the Girls!
Back in the kitchen we're making Red velvet cake for Cupcake Pops!
In you go... See you in a bit!
Onto the White bundt cake now... Egg whites only, please!
Ready to bake! 
Meanwhile outside...
notice his Buddy there in the upper Left corner dashing over to assist!
Between the squirrels and the Birds and the chipmunks, we run through at least three,
fifty pound sacks of black oil Sunflower seeds a month. But that's okay... They all know that
they are Welcome here, and who can put a Price on this kind of entertainment?
The man I love calls them Tree rats but I don't see it...
The other member of our Family who enjoys watching all this activity and
these sweet Creatures is Bing. See him there in his solarium off the kitchen?
Bing loves this room... He gets to watch all the Birds, chipmunks and squirrels
that come to Dine with us. Oh, and the possum, Raccoon, ducks and Deer too!
Quick! Run... Mom's coming!

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