Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another step toward Organization!

Even though I feel and look like this...
I managed to Push through my Sniffles and
bowling ball/medicine head to Accomplish this!
Of course, not Everything fits but at least the China cabinet isn't a Big mess any more!
Moving all of these things into my new cabinet means that as of Tonight, I can open the China
cabinet doors without my platters, Serving dishes and placemats Spilling out onto the floor - Yea!  
Easter is just around the Corner so I pulled out all my German egg-
shaped candy containers and my Oma's bunny and chick Goebel figurines
too. It can't be Easter without them arranged around my Easter egg tree!
Honestly, I don't know how I pulled this off Tonight feeling the way I do but now
that I have, I'm off to take a hot, hot, Sinus-clearing shower and Tuck myself into bed!
P.S. I've never had a glass of Wine in my life... I collected these Corks for
display from two Wineries where I set up a Team dinner and a Cocktail reception
to benefit the United Way. Can't have you Thinking I'm a wino or anything! 

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