Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Favorite time of the Year!

Spring is my Favorite time of the year! And, nothing kicks off Spring better than putting up my Easter Tree on the kitchen table. You will remember that it was just last year (Here) when I finally got my Act together and put up my very First tree... Well, it made me so Incredibly happy to have my Oma's easter ornaments out to enjoy that I just couldn't wait another minute to bring them out again this year! So I'm a little early but you know what? I don't care!

Before I went to bed last night I pulled out the vase and the Decorations
I found these Sprinkles the other day and simply
can't wait to make Easter cupcakes with them!
Ta-Da! Easter Tree 2009

I love my Oma's decorations and I so enjoy Hunting new ones to add to

my own Collection. Perhaps there will be someone who'll Cherish these things after

I'm gone and want to create their own family Easter tree with them to remember our Easters

together the way I remember my Oma and the wonderful Easters with her
See that little Bunny in the cage on the Table? I found that at The Briar Patch
this afternoon and couldn't Resist bringing it home for my Easter table!
If you remember, (read here) it took me a Week last year to get my Tree just
the way I wanted it to Look so we'll see what this looks like Next week!
I see a sweet Pink birdie on a Pussy willow branch... It's Spring!

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