Friday, March 6, 2009

Bravo, Pioneer Woman!

I love The Pioneer Woman. There. I said it. I love her. Ree Drummond, aka, The Pioneer Woman knows what she's Talking about when she recommends her Recipes to her Blog readers. 

I've tried a few of her dishes now and I have to say, I am constantly Thrilled by my results. Sometimes food Blog recipes I try don't come together at all... And, it's Not me! Must be those Bloggers that drink while they blog because I swear, sometimes the recipes make NO sense. It's like adding Oregano to a pound cake recipe. You know it doesn't sound right but you're Afraid to go against the recipe. After all, the pictures on their blogs Look amazing, so the recipe and instructions have to be right. Right? Well, not always...

But none of that applies to The Pioneer Woman. Every recipe I've recreated for my Very own Marlboro man and our Punks here at the Ranchette have been a Huge hit! 

No offense to the le Boeuf but I'm more of a chicken breast
kind of girl so I'm going to make this Recipe with both!
Pulling the Marinade together... Sherry, soy sauce, Brown sugar, garlic and
fresh minced Ginger. I ask you... Is there anything better than Ginger? I think not!
Marinating meat is a Good thing!
I plan to use Pioneer Woman's marinade on the Grill all summer long!
Now for the salad Dressing. More yummy Ginger, white sugar, Soy
sauce and more Minced garlic. You know how I love Garlic!
Pioneer Woman's dressing recipe does not call for Olive oil but I
added it any way. Why? Because dressing just can't be Dressing without a
little Olive oil and I'm afraid not to add it. I have Trust issues. What can I say...
Oh, boy! That Dressing is FANTASTIC... My oil addition didn't Ruin it at all!
Slicing up my Green onion now... Pioneer Woman said I couldn't handle the Jalapeno
and you know what? She was right. No jalapenos here. Nope, I'm not gonna do it...
a little Extra virgin olive oil to the Skillet
and in Goes my perfectly marinated Chicken breast
Look! Greens. Tender, leafy greens!
I tossed those Beautiful greens with 3/4 of the Dressing. They got a
bit Wilty but I had to force myself to Stop picking at them... So good!
more Extra virgin olive oil added to my Trusty cast iron skillet
and in Goes our Ribeye steak
Pioneer Woman said NOT to overcook the steak. And, I heard her!
and I trust her Judgement. So far, she hasn't Steered me wrong. I said
Steered about a Woman that lives on a Cattle ranch... I crack me up!
Okay! You guys Rest right there... There next to the Brownies I just
brought out of the Oven. Shhh! Stop calling my name you Evil brownies!
Pioneer Woman was right. Just a minute
and half on each side makes a Perfect steak
a little Drizzle of that Fabulous dressing, some Green
onions and a handful of Grape tomatoes to finish it off!
Now that's a Salad! I added Goat cheese crumbles with Basil to
my salad. Because I love Goat cheese. I love goat cheese a Lot!
Pioneer Woman's Ginger steak and Chicken salads were amazing! Now that
the Dishes are done it's time to prepare our No-Knead bread for tomorrow. It's so
darn Simple. 3 cups of bread Flour, 1/4 teaspoon Yeast and 3/4 teaspoon Kosher salt
Add in one and a Half cups warm water and that's It!
I'm always Amazed at how this Dough comes together... The recipe Says it
will come together and Look like a shaggy, Doughy mess. And, it does!
Covering with plastic wrap now to let it Stand for 12-18 hours
Until tomorrow shaggy, Doughy mess!

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