Thursday, March 19, 2009

Easy being Green!

There are Daffodils everywhere now...
And, I couldn't be more Thrilled about this development!
This Cracks me up every Spring! And, it shows what a Dedicated and compassionate
gardener I married. You see, this little Daffodil was in the old owner's Backyard, but instead
of tearing it out or Relocating it, he decided to just let it be. So every Spring, this little Daffodil bunch
pops up to greet us. Except now that it's part of Our backyard, it happens to pop up right in the Way of
our path. But that's okay... We think it adds a Certain charm. And, it's the one bunch I never Clip!
To me, it says, Here, have a Bunch of flowers!
It's important to Leave things where they are Happiest in the garden
and this Daffodil screams, I'm so Very happy!
Someone rode the Mower today while I was at work!
Now all we need is our Forest to come back... New leaves, please!
I think St. Francis is Glad the snow is gone and Spring is here too!

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