Monday, March 16, 2009

Funny how...

Yesterday while looking at photos of last years' Easter tree I immediately noticed a few of my Favorites were missing. And we can't have that!

So tonight I took another Crack at making my Tree perfect... 
this is for M who e-mailed me today to Say she loves this
bunny as Much as I do! I called The Briar Patch to see if I could
surprise her with one of her own but I really did get the Last one!
Any way, this is one of Oma's eggs I was missing...
and this White one is the other one I was missing
And, we can't have any of Oma's eggs missing the Party!
As I fiddled with my tree I baked off the Remainder of Brandon's cookies
and while I fiddled with the Tree and baked Cookies I marinated steak
and you know for what, I'm sure!
not quite The Pioneer Woman's ginger steak salad bit it's what he asked for. And, you
know me... I'm all about Giving him what he asks for and then feigning Surprise when he
comes back around to my Side of thinking! But for tonight he got his steak Caesar salad...
Funny how Monday stops Sucking the minute we get home, huh!?

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