Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lost in Time on a Saturday afternoon

It rained all Day so there was nothing to do but Sleep in late and spend the rest of the day Shopping... So after Target, Costco, Macy*s and a ridiculously late lunch we popped over to Lost in Time Antiques to wander through the isles there...

Here is my favorite Vendor at Lost in Time - She has the most Exciting kitchen stuff!
Of course, she's off her Rocker in terms of some of her Prices, but she always brings in
things that are in Perfect condition that I don't see every day. To see what I mean, enlarge
(click on) this photo and just check out the Rooster toaster cozy sitting there on the
white shelf on the left side, under the Carolina Panthers flag. How retro-Chic is that!? 
Funny how we always Recognize things from our Past in these places. 
I like to call Antique shops Museums for the Things I threw Away
A few weeks ago I picked up this Bromwell's Sifter from this vendor. Of course,
I didn't really want to give her $30 for it but after looking them up on e-Bay
and finding nothing like it in such Perfect condition I went back for it. I think
it Looks great next to my Jadite cake stand in the Kitchen cabinet!
This is another Favorite vendor - they always have such Great seasonal decor
Vintage Easter and Halloween goodies in the Case
Most of the Vendors at Lost in Time do a nice job of Creating
atmosphere with their Offerings - Look at this Inviting little table!
How cute is this Pink canister set? And, what about that funky Cake carrier!
As soon as you Walk in the door there's fun Stuff to see!
Such as this vintage Cheese cutter! How I'd love to have a huge Country 
kitchen with a big, fat Butcher's island to put this on... However, absent
the huge Country kitchen, and at $365 I decided to Pass on it today!
Old French flower wagon
I brought home this Monk cookie jar. After learning from our Bank this morning
that William used his dad's ATM card yesterday to withdraw Cash I thought
this was Something we need Staring at him from the kitchen Every day!
And, I picked up this Tom's roasted peanut jar - Wonderhubby found a set of
Old Ironside bookends and some (more) books to add to his Collection. Of course,
the Fun in this is all about the Hunt for stuff you didn't even Know you needed


  1. Okay, I'm desperately craving some antique shopping now and the closest antique store is two hours from here.


    Beautiful stuff!

  2. That first picture reminds me of my grandma's house...she had a lot of the things that were in there! I wish I could have gone through ALL her things & taken them for myself when she passed at 92 but there were other grandkids!! I did get her turquoise blue Fiestaware (sp?) bowl that is in that picture:) A few glass pieces, a platter and some other things that were her mother's were mine too. My sister and I each got half of the cut glass dinnerware set. I kept that packed after this last move...just not enough space to display it. I am so glad my daughter is as sentimental as I am:) Thank you for allowing me to go shopping with you...I am so enjoying this!!



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