Friday, September 19, 2008

Expedition HbI - Come climb with Us!

Hanesbrands threw a little Party for employees today to Kickoff our corporate United Way campaign. There was a Product sale, raffle, games and an Appearance by Canadian extreme adventurer, Jamie Clarke. Learn all about Jamie here!

HbI's Backyard...Setting up for Lunch and more!
The start of our Employee Product Sale - Now, that's a lot of Underwear...
What is left will be Moved over tonight to one of our Manufacturing plants
down the road and Sold tomorrow to the public. It's a Big deal!
And, a lot of Bras and Champion, and Duofold and socks and...
don't Forget our Fabulous hosiery!
John Marsh, SVP/GM Casualwear and Christy Jones, VP/GM Intimate apparel at HbI
John is part of the Three-executive team that hired me Six years ago - Great guy!
Wait for it...
Here comes Jamie Clarke - See him there rappelling down
the Back of our Building to come join John and Christy on Stage
Looking very Smart in his Hanesbrands Beefy-T!
Jamie Clarke - 9th Canadian to reach the Summit of Mt. Everest
I was the First contestant to Play the Cliffhangers pricing game
with Jamie - Fortunately, my guesses on our Products were close
Enough to keep Jamie on the mountain and to Win a $100 gas card for Me!
How would you Like to play this game?
I'm glad I was chosen to play Cliffhangers because This game
looks like it might have been a Career limiting move...
Over in the R&D tent we got to see What basecamp for Jamie might look like... 
I thought the Snow machine they had Cranking away was a nice touch!
See the Snow blowing against the Trees?
You probably already know that in the early morning on May 29, 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary
of New Zealand and his guide, Tenzing Norgay, became the first climbers ever to reach
the summit of Mt. Everest, the world’s highest spot, calculated to rise 29,035 feet
to the summit. But did you know that Sir Edmund Hillary was wearing Duofold?
Well, he was and so will Jamie Clarke when Hanesbrands sponsors his next
Mt. Everest climb, which is scheduled for This time Next year!
These are some of the Garments being Developed for
and tested by Jamie and his Team. If Duofold can keep Jamie
warm at 29,000 feet, Imagine what Duofold can do for You!
I love the Yak in his Boots!
Rock climbing
Jamie signing Photos and copies of his Book, Above all Else
I asked Jamie to sign a Photo to Brandon... Maybe it
will Inspire him to Great heights! Hey... I can dream, can't I?
Did I mention that Hanesbrands Rocks? Well, it does... and We do!

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