Sunday, September 7, 2008

In my Dream your name was Chester!

Last night on our Way home from Greensboro we stopped at Lost In Time Antiques where I was told by Jerry (the owner) that the dealer I bought the vintage Gym lockers from last month brought in another set! Somehow, I got distracted by half-price Pyrex and Fireking so I forgot all about the Lockers until just before bedtime. When I remembered I immediately looked up the Phone number and called to leave a message to ask that they hold the Locker until I could get there this morning; however, to my dismay, their voicemail was Full so I couldn't.

The locker unit I picked up last month has been a Fantastic solution to my Storage dilema. At first, I imagined the boys would Pick up their shoes and put them into the lockers before coming in the House to help keep the area by the Door neat - HA, HA, HA, HA! So I decided instead of waging that Losing battle I'd just take the Lockers over for Myself. Now I store my gym bag collection, hardwood floor cleaning solution cartridges, extra Flashlight batteries and table tennis Stuff in them. Now that I have a second set of Lockers it just got better!

So all night I had these short, fitful dreams about the Lockers I meant to buy. I dreamt about what Time they opened and whether or not I'd make the call in time to Reach someone before they sold... Did they open at nine? Ten? Or was it noon? I also dreamt that when I called this morning no one could recall what I was Talking about. In my dream I kept trying to describe the Lockers but I seemed to be speaking to a man who didn't even Remember me or know who Jerry was. And finally, I dreamt that I did reach them but someone named Chester told me that the Lockers sold last night Right after we left. When I woke this morning I picked up the Phone before my eyes were open and hit redial. Jerry answered and knew exactly what I wanted and said he Wondered why I didn't take it last night. Then he said he was glad to hold it for Me and although they open at Noon, he'd see me whenever I could get there. Spectacular!

So I got there and picked up the Locker. As Jerry was loading it into my Truck his partner, Brian was walking across the parking Lot on his way into the shop for work so he stopped to help... When he finished I thanked him and called him Chester. He corrected me and said with a laugh, "Oh no, I'm Brian", I said, "I know, but in my Dream last night your name was Chester."

Frisbees, gym bags and, my Softball gloves too! The glove under
the ball is the one my Father gave to me when I was 11-years
old and started playing softball in Germany... Love it!
Hardwood floor cleaner, Off-spray, batteries, my Table tennis
paddles and Brandon's paintball gear. All neatly tucked away!
Four years Ago I volunteered at our office furniture Sale to benefit
the United Way and out of one of the Tractor trailers we unloaded
came four large wall Locker units that no one wanted to Buy. I eventually
gave them Away to a man willing to Haul them and I've always regretted
not taking them Myself... But it's okay because Now I have my own Lockers!
In 1982, just before our Trip to ski Big Bear in California, I picked up
these Dexter hiking boots at the PX on post (Ft. Riley) and I've always
loved them. And, yes... If you read my Blog, they are the same hiking boots I
gave you in 1984 and then took with me on my way out of your House the day I
came over to Break up with you! So? You didn't deserve me or my Dexter's!

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