Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday finds...

After a quick trip this morning to Macy*s (big Sale!) and to Costco, we took off to spend Most of the day in and around Greensboro... At a little garden shop in Brownsummit I found some fun Halloween d├ęcor I couldn't Pass up!

Spooky Spiders for the Kitchen door!
More ornaments for the Tree!
He said if I keep this Up it's going to tip Over!
I had to have this water Globe/music box and I picked up three of these Crows. They
have purple and green Glitter accents on the wings that make them Look cool against the
orange Glow of the tree lights. I think These birds will look Great in a Twig arrangement
I have in mind for later but for now I'll leave one to perch atop the Pumpkin!
On the way Home we stopped at Lost in Time Antiques where I found this
Pyrex bowl and Fireking casserole. I know, I know, I need Another
Pyrex bowl like I need another Teenager but it was offered at 50% off
of $7.00 so you would have Picked it up too. As for the casserole, I just like it!
Perfect and unused condition. A good Thing!
I may just have to bake a Casserole of some sort tomorrow... Hum.

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