Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

My dad was born September 19, 1942 making him 66-years Young today. I am 42 and was born in 1966. Why this is interesting to me I cannot tell you... But Living life on the Cutting edge of Ordinary the way I do these things naturally Jump out at me. Ha!

Nevertheless, my Dad, my Hero, my Rock, celebrates his Birthday today and I celebrate with him... albeit from 3,318 miles away. Sigh... Oh wait! Since mom and dad are in Vegas this week they're only 2,214 miles Away so technically they are closer... Whew! Panic averted. Now I feel better. Not!

I just spoke to my Dad. He said the screaming card I sent from the Boys (cartoon characters Hoops and Yoyo screaming, We've waited all Year for this day to say WE WANT ICE CREAM!!) cracked him Up and that it, along with the 30-pound Gift package and the 31 Magazines I included for my Mom to read on their Vacation was all waiting for him at the Business center when they checked in at the Palms last night.

Everything I sent to the Palms arrived in fine order so Dad was Properly be-gifted and Mom wasn't left out either. I always send my Dad something on Mom's birthday and I always send Mom something on dad's Birthday. I do this every Year, without fail because I can't forget how my parents always went out of their Way to ensure I had a gift to open on my Brother's birthdays so I wouldn't feel Left out (they mentioned the word, jealousy but I don't get that). Ironically, James never got Gifts on my birthday but I didn't notice that fact until we were much, much older. Yes, it was All about me... Even early on!

Any way, I sent dad Several gifts... First, he thanked me for the Olive Garden gift card, which mom said later might take them a Year of after-Sunday Mass lunch dates to use up since it's just the Two of them - because there had to be Something wrong with what I sent... But dad's Happy about it, especially since it's been a long time since I've sent them Olive Garden gift cards. And, let me tell you why... For five years I was told Never to send Olive Garden gift cards again after my Dad got into an argument with a waiter who didn't understand that, all you can eat salad and breadsticks meant my Dad wanted him to keep them coming, even after their entrees arrived. (Duh!)

Nevertheless, there must have been a change in Management or something else that happened; because while my Dad used to mention the Episode regularly as the reason he'd Never step foot into another Olive Garden again, a month ago, after I included a Red Lobster card in my Mom's birthday package, dad asked me why I never send them Olive Garden. So without mentioning the Scuffle, of course, I sent Olive Garden with a prayer that whomever waits on my Dad keeps the salad and Breadsticks flowing. In hindsight I might have made the gift card for less money, just in case things don't go well.

Then there's the book. It also arrived and Dad said he cannot wait to get to it! See, a few days ago my Mom mentioned that Dad's been looking for a copy of Dick Morris' book, Fleeced so since I'd already shipped his package I jumped on-line and ordered a copy at Amazon and had it sent express, directly to the Palms. Mom said she looked for it for weeks and weeks in Monterey but could Not find it. I asked her if she Remembered that she lives in California, where Republican-leaning literature is immediately placed on the Banned books list to be burned and she replied, "Four books Costco had about the Baracko Bama but do you think I could find what your father wants?... No!" And, that is how she says his name, Baracko Bama. Lovin' my Mom! So sometime this afternoon you'll Find my dad reading, Fleeced pool-side at the Palms.

I also sent my Dad a McCain campaign button that reads, "Californians for McCain", which of course I had to buy here in North Carolina because they're not sold in California. Finally, I also placed an order with the Spaulding Group for some, Thank You President Bush stuff. I got dad a T-shirt, yard sign, a lapel pin and a bumper sticker. I told Dad to put the yard sign in their back yard since I'm sure their HOA will make it Disappear if he plants it in front yard. Mom told me two days after Dad put the McCain bumper sticker I sent him on his truck someone dragged their Key across his tailgate... Must have been a person of tolerance seeking to make a Change to an otherwise perfect and brand New truck. Love me, hate my Politics... it's okay! Really.

So Happy Birthday to my Terrific dad! I remember being oh, so grateful the day he made it back from Vietnam when I was five years old and I've never, ever taken him for Granted since. Not one minute of any Day goes by that I'm not completely Thankful and humbled by his Presence in my Life.

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