Saturday, September 13, 2008

BookMarks Festival

One of the Best festivals held at historic Bethabara Park in Winston-Salem each year is the Bookmarks book Festival, where Readers and Writers meet, as they say... The first Author we were eager to hear speak this morning was Scott Nelson, who authored, A People at War: Civilians and Soldiers in America's Civil War. While his subject certainly isn't my thing, Wonderhubby cannot get enough of (or collect enough books about) the History of the Civil War. And, I can't blame him - after all, his Great grandfather was a Confederate soldier attached to Virginia's 8th regiment and fought in Pickett's Brigade. Nevertheless, if I want to get under his skin while he's engrossed in some movie, Book or television special about he Civil war, as he often is, I remind him that I Know how it ends... Ha!

Author Scott Nelson
Barnes and Nobel was there too...Merchandising!
I suppose the more Economical way to do this would be to Check the list of attending
Authors prior to the Festival and order their books through Amazon. But honestly,
the Extra cost to buy Books at the Festival is worth it to be able to meet the authors
and have them Sign their books. We spent just under $200 - Worth it!
Mr. Nelson's book... among others!
Mr. Nelson signing Wonderhubby's book - and Glad to do it. Such a nice guy!
You can't see it but behind Wonderhubby is a beautiful Spaniel barking his little
head off at Freckles, the main character of Ellen Bryant Lloyd's Children's book: Freckles
and the Great Beach Rescue as if to Call him out for not being a Real dog. Too funny!
I believe that we are placed where we are Meant to be and while we waited for another
Author to arrive at the Signing tent I noticed another Author seated next to where we were
standing and was immediately Drawn to his book's title: My Cousin the Saint. A Search
for Faith, Family and Miracles so I asked him about it. Turns out, he is Justin Catanoso,
and his (grandfather's) Cousin, Padre Gaetano Catanoso is a Vatican-certified miracle worker
who was approved in 1997 by Pope John Paul II to become a Saint. Padre Gaetano was later
canonized on October 23, 2005 by Pope Benedict XVI, in his First such ceremony. While it is
true that other Authors drew bigger crowds, I believe it is Mr. Catanoso's book and he who
Deserved to have People lined up down and around the Tent to see him today. After chatting
with this Gentleman-author a bit I dashed back over to the Barnes and Nobel tent to
Purchase his book. I am filled with anticipation over reading it and do so Sincerely appreciate
the Dedication he wrote inside the cover. Upon learning that I am a Catholic, Mr. Catanoso
kindly included a Prayer card for Saint Gaetano Catanoso that I will cherish always

Author Justin Catanoso dedicating my Copy of his book
From the jacket of his book I learned that Mr. Catanoso is a Pulitzer-Prize nominated
journalist and that he teaches Writing and editing at Wake Forest University here in Winston-Salem.
He lives with his songwriter wife, Laurelyn Dossesett and three daughters in Greensboro. Who knew?
When Mr. Catanoso invited me to visit his website and to send him my Review of his book later
I offered to send him my photos. Much to my surprise (and delight) he e-mailed me this evening to
let me know that he has used my Photo (and given me credit for it) on his website Here
Yes, that is a Golden Girl!
And it was she who drew the Largest crowd at the Festival today. Rue McClanahan's book:
My First Five Husbands and the Ones that Got Away is not one of the books we
purchased but I was Glad to meet her and to snap these photos of Her to show you. I just hope
the Enthusiasm for Rue today was less about her Subject and more so about her as a Celebrity
She Looks good for her age and she was Quite pleasant
Carmen Deedy signing our Copy of her Children's book: Martina the Beautiful
Cockroach. The dedication she made to Wonderhubby, to a Fellow booklover,
and the whimsical caricature she Drew of her Martina underneath it made his day.
We also picked up and asked her to sign another of her Children's book: The Last Dance
described: The Magic of dance illuminates this haunting book about the Limitless power of Love
Doreen Cronin and her illustrator, Betsy Lewin signing our Copy
of her Children's book: Thump, Quack, Moo. We also picked up
her book: Diary of a Fly, which also has Great illustration
Signing Diary of a Fly
In North Carolina they Chop their BBQ
There was truly A little something for Everyone...
Pretty much just a Seat bolted to a Rocket
A 1964 Porsche
A 1963 Porsche or as I like to call it, Fine Art

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  1. I am wildly envious! One of the downfalls of living in a small town is that events like this just don't happen for us. It looks like heaven on earth!


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