Friday, September 8, 2017

Three Days in New York - Day One...

Well, hello there! The last time you checked in, I was
And, if you followed that saga, then you know I promised to reward
the only man patient enough to finish that project for me with a trip to
New York to help him forget what a pain in the butt (I) this project was!
While I'm not altogether sure that he has forgotten or forgiven
me, I can tell you that despite this pocket-size plane...
Which I don't mind telling you, freaked me out a little...
We had a great time!
Last time we visited New York before cruising to New England
and Nova Scotia, we drove because I was too afraid to fly...
However, while I wasn't any more excited about flying to New York as I
was then, this hour-long flight beat the heck out of that ten hour drive!
I couldn't have planned this trip better... Although I hear about how
difficult it is to get into and out of the City from all the executives I
support at work, we had no trouble at all. Our limo was waiting for us
and super-easy to find, traffic was nonexistent and when we arrived at
our hotel at nine o'clock in the morning, our room was ready for check-in!
We had a top floor, corner room and it had a great view to boot!
It was so nice to be able to drop our bags and get right to having fun!
I had nearly every minute of the next three days
planned out and we didn't want to miss any of it!
Our first stop had to be breakfast at our favorite New York morning spot!
Just something decadent and not light at all from Eric Kayser
at Columbus Circle to hold us over until lunch at Chelsea Market!
The problem with our trips in general is that we never leave
enough time to eat... And, sadly, this trip would be no different!
I purchased tickets on-line for the hop-on/hop-off double-decker bus that
takes you all over New York. What I didn't anticipate was the distance from
where the vouchers must be exchanged for tickets to where the first bus stops!
So in case you're wondering, it was a bit over sixteen blocks to walk...
Which turned out to be perfect since we found a Catholic church
along the way where we ducked in and gave thanks for our safe flight!
Soon enough we were on the top deck, taking in the spectacular views!
The weather was fantastic...
Especially for an open-air bus ride through this incredible City!
By the way, how excited are we for the return of Will and Grace?!
Times Square, Broadway... This is the way to see New York!
Speaking of Broadway... While I promised him that we'd see a Yankees
game, I also bought a couple of tickets for something I wanted to see...
But more about that a little later!
We had this hop-on/hop-off thing down in no time!
I highly recommend touring the City by double-decker bus!
Last time, we spent a small fortune on
cab rides and didn't have nearly as much fun!
Speaking of cabs... Guess what I finally did?
Besides seeing the Flatiron building for the first time!
So, after avoiding it forever...
God, how I do love Tom Cruise...
Sorry... What was I saying?
Oh, right! After saying I would neeeevvvver do it...
I downloaded the Uber app to my iPhone!
And, now... I'm totally hooked! Did you know your first uber ride is
free? It totally is! But more about that later... Right now, it's lunchtime!
One of the few meals we had during our last trip to New York is one
we still go on about... It's the Lobster Bisque here at Chelsea Market!
Once again, Lobster Place did not let us down! We arrived
just a few minutes after noon so the place was super crowded...
Hey! If you want personal space... Stay home! But if you want lobster
and amazing lobster bisque, go to Lobster Place at Chelsea Market!
On the way out of Lobster Place, we passed this little spot in the corner...
Where we had to stop and split a weisswurst with sauerkraut and fries!
Thank goodness the Highline is just a block behind Chelsea Market!
Because this girl and boy needed a place to walk off everything they just ate!
After our walk, we hopped back over to Columbus Circle to
visit Central Park. Last time, we took a carriage ride; barely
squeezing it in the night before our cruise. But there would be no
midnight carriage ride this time... We wanted to see Central Park!
As I sit here writing to describe our trip to this spot last Friday, it
occurs to me that there are people enjoying Central Park right now...
And, I am feeling so totally jealous!
At the dream job, I support eight executives who all
travel to New York at least a couple of times a month...
I honestly don't know how they do it...
Because if I was asked to travel to New York for business...
I would be completely screwing off...
I wouldn't get anything done at all!
I would be riding a bike through Central Park... Which by the way, was
the easiest and most enjoyable bike ride we have ever taken together!
If you are able to ride a bike at all, do it! Skip the $200 an hour (really!) pushy
pedi-cab guys and the $180 an hour carriage rides and rent a $15 an hour bike!
After our bike ride, we took the subway back to our hotel to freshen
up before taking off to the Gershwin to see Wicked on Broadway!
I still can't even believe it! Oh, before I forget... Take the subway! It's so
cheap, ($2.75 per person/train) safe and so much fun! Anyway... While
I have seen Wicked many times, this was different because it was...
Wicked on Broadway!
And, while I'm sad to say none of the performers were as good as
ones we've enjoyed in past productions of Wicked we've seen...
It was still Wicked on Broadway!
Besides, I got to add another Wicked snow globe to my collection!
So, despite the fact that Tiffany Haas wasn't my GA-Linda and
our sweet friend, Christine Dwyer wasn't our Elphaba that night...
This loyal and excited fan of Wicked...
Finally got her chance to see Wicked...
At the Gershwin on Broadway!
And, to me... That's Wicked cool!
I hope you've enjoyed seeing the sights with us on this first day
of our New York get-away and that you'll check back for day two...
When someone got to realize his dream of watching
his beloved Yankees win one at Yankees Stadium!

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