Saturday, June 11, 2011

An odd, but totally Fun find!

On the way back home from our tour of the Chinqua-Penn Plantation
a couple of weekends ago, we passed through Summerfield, North Carolina
where we noticed an antique mall along highway 220. Of course, we stopped!
However, just as we were pulling into a parking slot, they were turning off
the lights. So last weekend we worked in another trip out there to check it
out. Now... We come across many interesting things at estate sales and
in antique malls around here - But this mid-century classroom map, of
Germany no less, was just about the last thing I expected to find!
Too bad we were cruising the Mini Cooper when we found it!
Fortunately, the nice people at Golden Antiques and Treasures didn't
mind holding it for me until we could come back with the Expedition today! 
This piece was meant for me! Not only was I born and raised in Germany, the
map is in fantastic condition for its age. And, best of all... It was priced just
right at $75 too. I can't wait to see it hanging on the wall in my home office!


  1. So neat! I'll bet it's going to look wonderful in your office. Do you speak any German at all and can you read it?

  2. That is SO you! I hope you'll take a picture of it once it's hung in your house.


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