Friday, June 24, 2011

Disorganized Organization!

This is the most Disorganized space in our home. It is the utility
room. The first room off the garage. The room where packages and
mail is dumped, where I store my cookbook over-flow, my reusable
grocery totes, and inside the cabinets, my cake stand obsession
and obscene collection of flower vases. This is the one area of the
house where I am constantly straightening and playing catch-
up. However, all that being said, this space is also the spot...
That keeps me the most organized! How? Well, see all those
things taped to the cabinet doors? That's my system for
keeping us going in the right direction at all times!
This is the spot where I keep all of our travel itineraries and event tickets. As
soon as I book our travel or buy tickets I put all of the confirmations, directions
and other information, such as restaurant and shopping recommendations for the
area, as well as what to know about nearby attractions and other things to see
there or along the way into these handy plastic report covers. Then I tape them
and any loose event tickets we have directly to the cabinet doors. They start
out on the cabinets above the desk... But as the date for our trip or activity
nears, I move the tickets and/or itinerary packets over to the cabinets by
the door. This is also where I stage rewards certificates and coupons we
receive via mail or e-mail so that the next time we're headed out we can
just grab them and go! This system saves me a ton of time and always
ensures we're never left scrambling just before an important date!
This summer is a busy time for us... We have four more baseball games left of our
season ticket package. We're going to the mountains for the weekend tomorrow
morning. And, next week we're off to Charleston for a kayaking trip at Folly Beach!
The week after that, we're headed to Durham for night-kayaking. And, in August
were off the see the Beach Boys at Biltmore. There are also tickets posted up there
for Eddie Money at the Biltmore in October. That's a lot to keep up with! But
having everything posted in one central spot ensures that we don't miss a thing!
When the boys were still at home this system helped me keep up with all those tiny
doctor/dental appointment cards, permission slips, signed report cards headed back
to school, picture money envelopes and all the other things required to keep them
on schedule. What about you... What's the method to the madness of your busy life?

I'm lovin' my messy utility room that keeps me organized so I'm linking up!

Tidy Mom


  1. Great idea. I REALLY wish I had a utility room! I do put some info/paperwork into page protectors and hang them behind the calendar in my kitchen cabinet.

  2. Hi Janet!
    Oh this is awesomeness ~ as my school kids would say!
    There's an order to my messes too... but it reallllly needs some help...
    Now that it's summertime, I hope to have a smidgen of free time to work on this! I'll keep you posted on my progress. July is sooo booked up now, it may not be until August when that "smidgen" of time emerges!
    I need to remember how fast summer books up and get things done during the "dead of winter" after the holidays =)
    ps. My brother just LOVED the Life is Good book! It makes me smile every time I go through it! {which is often :o)

  3. Look at you!! I LOVE it Janet!!!.....wish I had a room to do that with!

  4. This is definitely the most organized *dis-orderly* room ever. A place for everything and everything in its' place.

  5. Thanks for linking up Janet ! I featured you in my wrap up! Have a GREAT weekend!

  6. Thanks for linking up Janet! I featured you in my wrap up! Have a GREAT weekend!


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