Sunday, June 26, 2011

The big Cheese lie!

When I told you that we didn't buy cheese during our tour of Ashe County Cheese...
Apparently, I lied! 
Turns out that while I was busy loading up on nuts and trail-mix, he
was slipping in this Juusto baked cheese! Along with his chocolate
covered gummi bears, peanut brittle, bridge mix and beef sticks!
So I say, why not? Let's put it to work in the panini
sandwiches I planned to make for dinner tonight!
Turkey for me. Ham for him!
And, a little baked Ashe County Cheese for both of us!
So how does it taste?
Very mild and buttery. And, per the Ashe Cheese website, it's also
supposed to taste squeaky. Yes, squeaky! Read it yourself here
So while it wasn't my idea, I am very glad we
brought Ashe County cheese home with us!


  1. Great looking sandwiches! The chocolate covered Gummie Bears caught me eye too. I don't even know if we can buy them here.

    P.S. On the cheese factory, I love cheese too but cheese curds...I just can't get past the texture thing with them. Probably why I may be the only Canadian who hasn't eaten Poutine!

  2. Did you know that there is a lady that sells the Ashe County Cheese at the farmer's market at the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds on Saturdays? I was thrilled to find her. She will even takes special orders.

  3. Now those are some GOOD LOOKING sandwiches! My daughter loves chocolate covered cinnamon bears:)


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