Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Classic French Pastry Class at The Stocked Pot & Company!

When I received a Groupon e-mail for a classic French pastry class deal at
The Stocked Pot and Company, I jumped on it! I am a huge FoodNetwork
junkie and there's nothing I love more than to watch someone else cook!
I was especially interested in this particular class after
learning that Croquembouche was on the demo-menu!
And, I was especially interested in going back to The Stocked Pot and Company
because it's such a fun place to shop! They have just about everything you
need for the kitchen! If you can't find it here... Then you don't need it!
The Stocked Pot and Company offers quality cookware, to include Viking and
Le Creuset, plus Gourmet Food, Wine, Catering and... Fantastic cooking classes!
We arrived early to shop get a front row seat to
watch Chef Don McMillan work his magic!
Classes range from $49.00 to $300 each, depending on the recipes
and class length. On my list of classes to attend is the 6-hour, hands-
During this evening's class we learned how to create a Croquembouche,
and a Chocolate Souffle, and a Paris-Brest custard cake with fruit!
This was three hours Very well spent!
During his presentation, Chef Don shared lots of tips and tricks with
us. He really knows his stuff, and even I learned a thing... or twelve!
And that's saying a lot... Because you know that I know my way around the kitchen!
The recipes created tonight are three very complex and technical French recipes;
however, by the time he finished, Chef Don had us convinced we could throw
pate a Choux filled with pastry cream together in no time. And, you know
what? Seeing him do it, I believe that I could! And, you could too!
And so we shall!
This is Paris-Brest - Created in 1891 to commemorate a French bicycle race!
Now we know!
You can learn more about the sweet pastry, and the race here
So on to the Croquembouche, or better known as, the reason I showed up!
But first... We stopped to bring the Souffle out of the oven. Because as we
know, Souffle waits for no one! After a light dusting with powdered
sugar, Chef Don created a well, and poured melted chocolate into it!
Back to our Croquembouche assembly... I have attempted Croquembouche
but just ended up with a big pile of very tasty cream puffs... But now that I have
Chef Don's expert caramel-making down, I know my next Croquembouche
will stand up and actually look like it should... Thanks, Chef Don!
And thanks for the lesson in Swan cream puffs too!
This was a fantastic way to spend an evening with a great friend. If
you live nearby, I highly recommend you shop The Stocked Pot, and
attend a class real soon - Chef Don offers a class for every interest!

The Legal Stuff: I was not compensated by The Stocked Pot and Company for my review, and all opinions about their classes and retail operation are my own.  However, if I ever am invited to attend a Free class, you'll be the first to know!


  1. OMGoodness!
    That kitchen shoppe looks like HEAVEN!
    LOVE the RED Dooney bag!
    This was TOTALLY worth missing the SPIN class!
    GOOD for YOU!
    I wish we lived close!
    We would have SO much FUN!

  2. Oh my goodness, Janet... I'm looking at these photos right before bed... thank heavens those cream puffs are not in my fridge!
    They look amazing. I haven't had fresh homemade cream puffs in years and years. I think the last time was well over 30 yrs ago {my mother used to make them}
    You think it's time I learn? LOL

    Thanks for bringing us to your class with you!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Janet!
    Bless you always,
    ♥ Maria

  3. Thanks for taking us along on this class. I've never made any French Patries..yet...
    It all looks so delicious, I too haven't had a home-made cream puff since my girl friend's Mother used to make them when I was in Grade school! :(
    I read Chef McMillan's bio. Isn't it wonderful that he started and chairs a Foundation for *at risk* children that teaches them the fun of cooking! Love it!

  4. Thank you for taking us along to your cooking class. What a fun night!! And full of yummy things, too!!
    AL from Calif.

  5. I made sushi with Chef Don last night! Love his shop!

  6. How FUN! I've always wanted to take a cooking class! This one looks fantastic!
    I have made croissants and puff pastry before, and a pitiful attempt at croquembouche!


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