Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Pesto!

When he told me last week that he's been Clipping all my basil plants
and throwing the basil into the Compost pile I almost screamed!

He said there has been so much basil in the garden, there's no way I could
use it all. And, while it's true that I haven't done a lot of Cooking this week,
there's always room for Pesto!! So this morning... I harvested my own basil

Because there's nothing better than fresh-made Basil pesto! I make
enough Pesto each summer, (see here) to get me through the year

So he really should know better! Any way... In your Cuisie,
place 4 cups packed Basil and add 1/3 cup Pine nuts...

And, pulse it to Chop!

Throw in three whole Cloves of garlic
and pulse again.... Smells amazing!

Add 1/2 cup Olive oil in a steady stream while food processor
is running. Finally, add 1/2 cup grated Parmesan and salt/pepper
to taste. Run food processor for just a minute to combine all

Use immediately on grilled Chicken or turkey and/or chicken
burgers, over pasta, instead of tomato sauce on pizzas, and on
baked potatoes. I store my Pesto in quart containers and freeze
it for a taste of Summertime basil pesto anytime of the year!


  1. I live for pesto! I freeze mine in ice cube trays and then dump them into a ziploc bag when frozen. There is nothing better than pesto in the dead of winter. Yum!

  2. Oh my, this looks & sounds delish! I love fresh ingredients and pesto can be used in so many ways.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I do believe I have everything I need to whip some up for myself.

  4. Thankfully you were able to harvest what didn't end up in the compost and post this recipe. Looks delicious. Hope your Ranger is happily back home and enjoying it with you.

  5. I also feeze mine in ice cube trays. Wonderful winter treat and definitely worth the labor. You just can't buy pesto as good as homemade.

  6. Hello!

    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog--the pictures of your butterfly garden make my day--and I especially loved this entry on your home-made pesto--looks fantastic!

    I discovered your blog after noticing a comment you left on Tes At Home--another blog I adore. Just wanted to thank you for sharing, and for making me smile!

    very best,


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