Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Service with a smile after the Sale!

This post is Seriously over due! I only hope that Emily, the creative genius and all-around Goddess of patience behind, The Blog Fairy blog template design service, will forgive me for not sharing her with you Much sooner!

You see, several months ago I was telling my friend, Monica that I wanted to update my blog template to include my own header photos and to implement a topic navigation bar, but I didn't know where to start. I could see in my head what I wanted my blog to look like; however, getting there just seemed like such an insurmountable task. Now... Some people who blog, like my friend Monica, are completely qualified to execute a fabulous template for their own blog. Me? Not so much!

I'm more a student of the old, even-though-I was-once-a-fantastic-oral-surgery-assistant-I-would-never-pull-my-own-wisdom-teeth school of thought... Nope, I prefer to leave such jobs, and Blog design, to the professionals!

So... Short story Long... I have Monica to thank for recommending The Blog Fairy because when I brought this up to her, she immediately told me of a Blog Fairy-created blog she follows that she said reminds her of my blog's theme and content. And she was right! The moment I clicked over to that blog I felt the same way about the design! And, I immediately set out to add myself to the Long list of very satisfied Blog Fairy clients.

Emily was a Dream to work with... Patient beyond words, insightful, creative and completely dedicated to her craft, are just a few of the many benefits of choosing Emily for the, head-to-toe Blog make-over she offers as part of her design services.

The most impressive aspect of working with Emily is her ability to anticipate what her client is looking for, (before I even knew it myself!) and to develop truly unique blog designs. No two blogs in her extensive catalog of work looks or feels the same. Although Emily's design for my blog evokes the same warmth, elegance and whimsical charm of the blog Monica originally showed me, it is exclusively mine. Emily's design for my blog delivers the fresh, casual sophistication I envisioned, and I Love it!

Since Emily redesigned my blog, she also created a new template for my Guru of savings, Melanie - Check it out Here. Every time I visit Mel's blog, which is several times a day, I am hypnotized by that luscious shade of pink... And, by her thrifty advice, of course!

One final thing I cannot end this post without sharing with you about working with Emily is the Tremendous service she has provided me after the sale.

See... While things were humming along just fine for a long while, recently, I managed to wipe out, I'm talking, erase from the ether altogether! my entire new blog template!

It began innocently enough... All I set out to do was, (pull my own wisdom teeth) add a photostream of my decorated sugar cookies and links to Bridget's blog and to under my Kitchen tab. However, somehow, in just one click, I managed to erase all of Emily's hard work. But you know what? It didn't end my blogging hobby like I thought it might... Because although it was midnight where Emily lives, she answered my e-mail S.O.S., and within 15 minutes, she had my beautiful blog restored. Oh! And, she implemented the enhancements I sought too. Sadly for Emily, tonight, after I changed my blog's URL and my blog disappeared again, she had another opportunity to exercise her ability to instantly rescue my blog.

If you're in the market for a blog tweak, update or a complete redo, like I was, I hope you'll hire Emily as your designer. She's amazing and has perfected not only her craft, but also the concept of delivering Best-in-Class service, and service with a Smile after the sale!

Thank you, Emily!


  1. Yeah for the BLOG FAIRY!
    Delighted she sprinkled her pixie dust on one of my favorite blogs!
    I ADORE your blog Janet!
    The Blog Fairy sounds like a DREAM to work with!
    And I LOVE her name! ;o)

  2. You're making the Blog Fairy work for her money. ha! ha! I'm glad that she works so quickly and is able to fix things in a timely manner. Makes it a good person to work with. I'll keep her in mind if I ever decide I need another makeover and I don't want to do the work myself :-)

    She did a great job on your blog janet!

  3. The Blog Fairy has saved my butt so many times post sale that I keep expecting a bill from her. She is incredible!


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