Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cookie time... Finally!

It's only taken me two years to make the Best chocolate
chip cookies on the planet. Don't judge... I
have no Excuse... But we're here now!

Two years ago I didn't have this Sweet little candy scale!

Sure! That's it... I was waiting for this Pink scale!

Seriously though... It's not like me to Ignore a cookie
recipe that requires $32 in fabulous Guittard chocolate!

But this is a Cruel cookie dough...

Cruel, because just when you think it's time to Preheat the oven...

And, put a glass of Milk into the freezer for
a few minutes so that it's Extra icy-cold...

You realize this recipe only produces the Best chocolate chip
cookies on the planet after it has Rested for 24-36 hours!

I'm telling you... I will not be held responsible if I
end up in the refrigerator at 3AM... Stay tuned!


  1. Really Cruel! The dough looks delicious :) I think it calls for a 3 AM invasion!

  2. Well you've waited 2 years, 24-36 hours won't make that much difference. You didn't keep just a lil ole teaspoon out to taste before wrapping it up by any chance? You might have the frige raider attack beat you to the 3 am invasion. Can't wait to see the baked ones.

  3. Well now!
    Those fancy, EXPENSIVE, exclusive, COOKIES call for a WELCOME HOME CELEBRATION!
    AM I right? ;o)
    And I'm so so sorry I didn't realize you had been under the weather my friend! xo

  4. Can't wait to see them all baked up!! I love chocolate chip cookies!!

  5. Let me know when the oven is pre-heating! I will be there by the time they end up on the cooling rack! The dough looks delicious! Did it make it through the night untouched?

  6. Drool. How can you resist that cookie dough???? It looks delicious!! Can't wait to see your results! Love the pink scale!

  7. And to think...all these years I've used the recipe on the Toll House Chips. I'm definitely going to give this one a try. I owe our vet some cookies and this might be the one.

  8. This is not a good thing to be reading at this hour. I am so very tempted to head into the kitchen to make cookie dough.


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