Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I love a Sale!

I bought this Stars and Stripes runner at Williams-Sonoma
last month and put it away. I intended to decorate the kitchen table
with it during the Fourth of July gathering we held, but I forgot all about
it... Until today! Thanks to the Pioneer Woman's blog post about some
dinnerware that is currently on sale at Williams-Sonoma, I learned
my Stars and Stripes runner is also on sale. But get this! While it's
listed for $34.99 on-line, it's only $19.99 in stores! I called
my store, they had one left and agreed to hold it for me!
Tomorrow, I will return the one I bought Before the sale. I thought
this was a Must-have at $44.95, but at $19.99, it's So much better!
And, instead of using it as a Table runner, I think
it looks just Dandy placed here, across the island!
Especially since it's reversible! And, especially
under these beautiful, bright garden Sunflowers...
Which Mr. B wants you to know were Murdered in cold blood!
Murdered is such a strong word...
I prefer to think they were Liberated from his garden!
Speaking of Liberated... Look what just came in from the garden!
That large Cherokee Purple Heirloom you see there...
It's Dinner!

I just found out my dear friend, Mel was doing a little

damage of her own at Williams-Sonoma today... Fire

Wires for the grill! Who knew!? Check it out Here!


  1. Liberated!! Love it!! They are totally beautiful though! How funny is it that we blogged about the same store on the same day? Birds of a feather.....

  2. I say keep the second runner and use it on your bridal registry table...I mean kitchen table. ha!

    love you Janet!

  3. I L-O-V-E a good sale!
    I am always wondering if your bunnies are filled with foodies?
    The purple heirloom looks fabulous! Summer tomatoes are great!

  4. I would totally do that too...
    Ask for a price adjustment!

    It's a perfect fit for your counter or anywhere there's a celebration!!!

  5. Love the Williams-Sonoma deal on the table runner! It was smart of you to call and have them hold it!!

  6. I love the runner. Guess it does pay to check prices in-store and Online. The Fire Wires didn't do a thing for me. We have absolutely no problem with stiff skewers.

  7. OMG I am dying at those tomatoes! I want one, right now! Very jealous.

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful and heartfelt comments. It is good to know that someone else out there can relate to the struggle. I think I've finally overcome it mentally, and I'm in a really good place right now not really updating all too often.

    Your blog is delightful and so well put together. Just gorgeous!


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