Friday, April 2, 2010

A very Special birthday!

So in the middle of Baking 244 sugar
cookies, I paused for a bit to Bake a cake!
Every time he opens the Pantry he pulls out this
cake mix and asks me if today might be his Lucky day
This has been going on since January when I picked up five boxes
of this cake mix at the Ft. Benning commissary. I admit it. I've been
stalling... You see, he just sees a Cake Mix! I see a reminder of our last
trip to see the Ranger before his deployment. So I've been ignoring the
cake mix. Perhaps it was the Occasion of today being his 50th birthday or
the strain of holding my tongue, because I've really wanted to make a
half-Century crack! Or maybe it's just the insanity of baking 244 sugar
cookies and being deprived of my Outside-time all day, but I have
cracked, and decided Today is his lucky day! So he will have
a German Black Forest cake for his birthday tonight! 
A Heart-shaped Black Forest cake! You may remember that in February
I was chosen one of ten winners of the Wilton heart-shaped cake pan Give-
away featured on Tidy-Mom's blog! I enjoy Cheryl, aka the, Tidy Mom, so
if you haven't discovered her Blog, put it on your to-do list today! By the
way... I have a confession to make. I have never cut a cake in half. There! I
said it... Judge if you must. I also admit that when I read the directions
about cutting the cake in half to fill it, I was, this-close to skipping that
part. But the German-girl in me knows the best part of a German, Black
Forest cake is the tart kirsch filling paired against sweet whipped cream
that's Pressed between layers of rich, luscious chocolate cake. But
how? Well.. Fortunately for me, I happened to be Chatting with
with my friend, Monica as I read the box, so she clued me in!
Monica said to just ensure the cake was Completely cooled, and
to use a serrated knife. So while another batch of Sugar cookies did
their thing in the oven, I popped my cake into the Freezer! After fifteen
minutes, I was ready and so was my cake. It sliced better than a dream! 
Monica was right! Again. Always. No reason to buy a special
tool... No need for the dental Floss trick. All things are
possible with just a cold cake and a Serrated knife!
I must also tell you... This cake would not have been possible without my
friend Michele. I was completely out of eggs and had no Whipping cream in
the refrigerator, and I absolutely had nothing left in me to make a trip to the
market. So I did the Unthinkable for me... I asked for a favor of a friend
on her way to my house! It was epic. I've never even Borrowed a cup
of sugar in my life! But here I was, asking a friend to detour to the
market to shop for me! What kind of Monster have I become!?
The kind of monster willing to do anything
it takes for the man she Loves... Apparently.
I have to tell you about this new cake pedestal. Yes. Another cake stand, it's
true and I admit it. But I did not buy it. It was FREE! I received it as part of
my bonus for hosting a Pampered Chef show. The moment I saw it in the
new Spring/Summer catalog I had to have it. And, since I cannot justify
adding one more cake stand to my Collection, I figured I would earn
it free, because Free is my favorite four-letter word! What's fun about
this cake pedestal is that it comes Apart so that the top can be used as a
round platter! I never imagined I would want to separate the pieces... 
However... It made popping my cake into the Freezer much easier!
And I'm all about the easy!
Dr. Oetker may want to re-think the whole round-cake thing!
Because this Heart-shape is clearly the way to go!
A big thanks to Monica for her slicing-a-cake-in-half advice!
And, to Michele for the ingredients she delivered!
And, a Very happy birthday to the man that owns my heart!


  1. I don't hink I've actually seen a picture of Terry before. He's so cute! and looks much younger than 50 :-) Happy Birthday to him!

    Janet, your cake is gorgeous- no thanks necessary. You did it all on your own.

    Gorgeous, I tell you!

  2. JANET JANET JANET!!!'s GORGEOUS!!! you did an AWESOME job with that cake my dear!!.....I LOVE Black Forest Cake, but I've never made one!!

    Happy Birthday to Terry!!

  3. Happy birthday to your hubby! The cake came out so perfect. He's lucky to have you! (and I'm ordering that cake stand, it's awesome)

  4. I love the bathroom re-model! You must be so excited :)
    Your black forest cake looks fantastic, great tutorial!

  5. Happy birthday to your man!!! Your cake is PERFECTION!!!

  6. What an amazing cake! You have done it, again!
    Happy Birthday to your man! He's very handsome! You are very lucky ;-)

  7. Okay!
    Is this YOUR MAN?????????
    THE MAN that creates such a FANTASY in your garden!
    The lucky guy that gets to enjoy all of the wonderful things that you do!
    Is this your man Janet?
    Cause if it is...HE'S a DOLL!!!!!


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