Monday, April 12, 2010

Photo Cookies... a bit of a tutorial!

After posting about my Aveda Clean Water photo cookies
last night I received several e-mail requests for the details

So let's talk details, shall we? The best advice tip I can give you about
undertaking a photo cookie project is to Relax... Know you can do it!

Of all the reading I did and all of the advice I was given, the
advice Jenny gave me turned out to be best and, spot-on to
achieving the flawless results I was after. The first step is to
flood-ice the surface of your cookie. Don't worry about piping
an outline. I was determined to pipe an outline to hold my
flood icing in, but I immediately realized it was not necessary
and frankly, it wouldn't work! So let it flow... It'll be okay!

I used a long cocktail pick to smooth the
icing over the surface of the cookies

In between uses I stand my squeeze bottle of icing on
the point to keep the icing loaded into the tip. This cuts
down on time otherwise wasted waiting for the icing
to come back down into the top of my bottle. I keep
a moist paper towel in the bottom of my container
to keep the icing from running out of the bottle

Most of the e-mailers asked me how difficult the icing sheets were to
work with. Truthfully, I lost sleep wondering the same thing! Here is what
you must know... Icing sheets must be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent
fading of your image after printing. Also, they must be kept in an airtight
container or the zippy bag they come in, to Prevent the sheets from drying
out. That being said, the sheets do not dry out instantly, so there is no need
to hurry your work to get to them. In fact!! Trying to peel your icing sheets
from the backing while they are fresh is big trouble! I found them more
difficult to remove than a price tag stuck to a mirror! I did my fair share of
damage to edges of the first few icing sheets I attempted to remove. However,
after I'd left my work station to take a quick call and rushed back, fearing the
sheets I'd left out were all ruined, I found that after they had dried 10-15
minutes is when they lifted away from the backing the easiest! Just lay the
sheet flat, and slide it to the edge of your table and watch them Pop off!

Then take the icing sheet and place it onto your iced cookie


Now... It's important that your icing sheet lay flat against the
icing. If it doesn't or if there are large air bubbles, your icing
sheet will sink into the voids as it dries. Trust me... It isn't pretty!

This is where a nice coaster comes in handy! I used this one
I've never used before, which when placed onto my icing
sheet atop my cookie, leveled everything beautifully!


My client requested a crystal sugared border for his cookie
but you could also use Non-pareils in a coordinating color

But do it while the border icing is still wet. I'd read where you could
go back and paint the edge with a little water mixed with meringue
powder using a food-only paint brush but it did not work! As soon
as the wet brush hit the icing sheet, the edible ink (coloring) ran!
I also read something about painting the back of an icing sheet
with corn syrup (=Mess!) and then laying it onto a dry iced
cookie - and there was even a suggestion about painting
the back of an icing sheet with flood icing and then
placing it onto an blank cookie, which I didn't try

This way just worked So much better for me!

All done!

Remember to allow for extra drying time before you wrap
photo cookies. Icing sheets trap moisture so the flood icing
takes Two days to dry instead of the usual overnight dry-time

This is my ingredients label on the back of my cookie
bags, placed just under the Aveda sticker supplied to me
by the store. It tells purchasers what's in my cookies, and
in this case, that they were made Exclusively for Aveda!

Exclusive. As in just for them and not for anyone else!

I hope they Love them!

As much as I heart a certain friend that works there!

SpaBoy and I plan to have lunch tomorrow where I will
hand over the first hundred of my photo cookies!

It's going to be difficult to let them go!


  1. Janet...
    this is just amazing!

  2. Well it seems to me that adding the border using the alredy wet icing is much simpler and time effective. They turned out super cute.

    I love all the detail you put into the presentation.

    I'm sure they'll be thrilled with them!

  3. you did an amazing job Janet!!

  4. Looks like you have mastered the process! Great work! I am sure that your client will be MORE than pleased.

  5. They look fantastic! Wonderful job and great tutorial :)

  6. Bravo! Absolutely incredible! I'm totally amazed that you pulled that whole thing off and still have all your hair. You my friend are THE woman!

  7. Yay!!! They look wonderful! Great tutorial! I know they will love them!

    My ink came today...I can't wait to try it.


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