Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello, Saturday!

Came down the stairs this morning and
found Saturday peeking in on me!
A bright, mild Saturday morning, tailor-made for being at home!
The trees are so back!
And the Veg garden is coming along too!
That tree is my favorite. It's the only tree in the
yard he wanted to Cut down. But I saved it!
I insisted it stay. And, that it get its own
spot light. It looks Amazing at night!
Everything looks amazing to me back here!
Focus, Janet! 300 logo-cookies are not going to ice
themselves while I Twirl around in the yard. Darn!
As much as I wish they would!
One down... 299 to go!
Getting there now...
Bing has authorized me to take a break... He has
been glued to this Spot at the door all morning! 
And now we know why... There are a pair of Carolina Wren's courting
in the Japanese maple tree in front of the living room window. Do
you see them? Look closely at the tip of the Calla Lily on the left...
He is Chirping up a storm!
Bing TV
I look the same way in front of the Kitchen window! Minus the tail...
Hey, Bing! What is that horrible noise?
Oh! It's dad in the back yard. He's pressure
washing the chairs around the Fire pit
He's put me on notice. No cookies tomorrow.... Only
outside sitting allowed. I think I'm okay with that!


  1. so how long did it take?? It took me a little over 4 hours to do 35 onsies and baby bottles the other day! but they did turn out cute!!...I'm taking them to the shower today.

    again, your yard is so beautiful and inviting! ♥

  2. I loved all the pictures of your yard. I agree with saving that one tree as it is beautiful. The wrens are so cute and will bring joy even when the babies hatch. Love your firepit area. You just have a beautiful place and I'm sure you enjoy it when you aren't working so hard.

  3. Wow! You have been SUPER busy this weekend. I am sure that it feels good to see such progress in the Aveda project. They turned out great! Enjoy relaxing your yard today. Take some deep breaths of fresh air before the work week starts again...right? Ha! Take care....

  4. I love your backyard, it looks so pretty and that tree out the back door, love that Bing sits there!
    Your cookies look great, what a big project!

  5. Bing TV- ha ha!

    I love that second picture of the sun rays coming down through the trees.

    Your cookies are coming along!

  6. Your yard is so totally beautiful! I don't know if I could make cookies with a yard like that calling me!!! :)


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