Saturday, April 24, 2010

A little Deck work!

We took a ride this afternoon to check out another Chicken coop
option. It was Nice, and I do admit the size is more appropriate for our
site. But I have to say that I still have my heart set on this one. He is
still anti-Chickens but I'm no quitter! I even convinced him to visit
my sweet friend that has chickens, and while it's still too Early to
call Murry McMurray, I do believe that we've turned a corner!
After chicken coop shopping we headed over to Costco to do a little
browsing. And grazing. I also Finally pulled the trigger on doing
what I've been putting Off for a few years. I finally replaced
the Umbrella on the deck. Why did I have to replace it?
Well... You see those holes? They are Mouse holes!  
Of the six umbrellas we put away three years ago in our shed, it was
the most Expensive umbrella, and my favorite umbrella that some
little Mickey decided to make his winter home! And, since we can't
stand Swiss cheese umbrella out by the pool, I decided this once
beautiful 11-foot Sunbrella umbrella would have to be moved to
the deck. Behind the house, where no one could see it. Except I
could see it. And every time I see it I get this urge to buy very
mean Mousie traps. Because every year these umbrellas get
more expensive at Costco. And worse, the style changed too!
But today I made peace...
This Japanese maple tree on the deck began as a seedling
born from the big maple in the Front yard. I love it! And,
in a gentle Breeze, like we're having right now, it
appears to be Reaching out to take your hand!
It's been a while since I've spent any time at all on the
deck. Why? Because the Pollen has been off the charts
the last few weeks and frankly, my Sneezing defeats the
the whole purpose of living on a Quiet road in the country!
I have Missed it very much! Fortunately for me, the man I love
doesn't suffer from allergies at all, so he's been Very busy back here!
Almost as busy as his plants! Look at this Strawberry pot!
His veg-bed is getting on Very well too!
My lambs ear made it through Winter just fine!
My new Umbrella fits right in!
I'm still not ready to Toss this one...
Who knows? I might just figure out a way to Patch it!


  1. Nice deck --- lovely, lovely view!

  2. Can I borrow that man?......I want a yard like yours!!

    bummer about the umbrella though

  3. I your deck! great photos. I am off to harass my surfer about my lack of a great deck :)

  4. I love your deck and all your green space! Good luck with your chicken coop!! :)

  5. What a wonderful deck! I bet you have lots of relaxing times out there.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I really like that pic of all the potted plants on the deck!


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